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Are there any advantages to choosing UPS imported cosmetics?

日期: 2020-08-06
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I don’t know when makeup began to be popular. The online celebrity models of foreign cosmetics brands are in short supply. For many young people, e-commerce platforms are one of the main ways to buy cosmetics and skin care products, but they often need to find The logistics company transfers to Hong Kong or the mainland. So there are some cosmetics that are forbidden to be imported. The editor has released information about which cosmetics It cannot be imported, you can check it out on our official website. If the cosmetics you want to import happen to be special cosmetics, you can also import special cosmetics, but special cosmetics can only be imported after they have been registered by the Drug Administration of the State Council. Therefore, before transportation, be sure to explain the condition of the product to our salesperson. If it causes harm to the human body or There is evidence to prove that imported cosmetics that may endanger human health are found to be confiscated and fined by the customs, and criminal responsibility should be investigated. So be sure to explain the cargo situation to our salesperson in detail. If importing cosmetics to Hong Kong or the mainland, we will recommend customers to choose UPS import, because UPS has strong import clearance ability, and the time limit can be delivered to customers within 3-6 working days.

Are there any advantages to choosing UPS imported cosmetics?

The customer asked, is there any other advantage of UPS imported cosmetics? Why should I choose UPS imported cosmetics, I can choose other channels for transportation. First of all, other international express delivery must be transited to Hong Kong or mainland airports when importing, so choose UPS to fly directly to Hong Kong without transit. At the same time, it can act as an agent for customs declaration and can also accept live products. In terms of costs,

In terms of logistics status, UPS can display it on the website in real time within 10 minutes after you place the order, so that you can track the package. The editor also said that our company is a UPS first-level agent and will provide the status of the package to You, you don't need to check on the official website. Our company will be your trusted partner.

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