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  • 2017 - 04 - 06
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    The German special line is not waiting for the completion of the joint average adjustment. The right to demand the sharing of common damages should be paid by the insurer to the insurer. The compensation for salvage expenses is premised on the safe rescue of marine property, and the compensation for common average damages is premised on the fact that the rescued ship ’s cargo should reach the destination safely. Therefore, not all salvage costs can be shared as common damage costs and require beneficiaries to share. If the German special line (8) transport contract contains the 'both to blame collision clause' (both to blame collision clause), the insurer is responsible for compensating the owner of the shipper ’s expenses. Ping An Insurance is generally applicable to the ocean tra...
  • 2017 - 04 - 06
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    In the process of loading and unloading transshipment of the French special line, all or part of the losses caused by one or several pieces of insured cargo falling into the sea. (5) Reasonable salvage expenses paid by the insured for various measures to rescue, prevent or reduce the loss of the dangerous goods within the scope of insurance liability. However, the limit of the insurance company's expenses cannot exceed the insurance amount of the insured goods. The salvage expenses can be borne within an insurance amount limit other than the compensation amount. The French special line (6) has a natural disaster or accident, and it needs to stop at a port in the middle of the port or at the refuge port, resulting in special charges for unloading, loading, storage and transportation of ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Japan's special line (1) Basic insurance types This insurance is a mandatory insurance for marine cargo transportation insurance, including general cargo insurance and special cargo insurance. General cargo insurance is divided into Ping An insurance, water damage insurance and all risks, and special cargo insurance is divided into bulk tung oil insurance and refrigerated cargo insurance. On the basis of basic insurance, the insured can also choose additional insurance according to the actual situation, but the insurance contract without basic insurance is invalid. The following highlights the Ping An insurance, the Japanese special line water damage insurance and all risks in the basic insurance. 1. Ping An Insurance The name Ping An Insurance (Free from Particular Average, F. P. A.) ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Taiwan Special Line In China's international logistics practice, China Insurance Terms (CIC) are generally adopted. But it can also respond to the request of the party, using the internationally accepted London Insurance Association Terms (ICC) or the terms of the other country. According to statistics, ICC is currently used in about two-thirds of countries in the world. Therefore, in addition to introducing the marine cargo insurance clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China, this section also introduces the marine cargo insurance clauses of the London Insurance Association of the United Kingdom. Taiwan Special Line 1. China ’s marine cargo transportation insurance clauses China ’s current marine cargo transportation insurance clauses are the “Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses” ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    The types of insurance for marine cargo transportation insurance in the United States are generally divided into three categories, namely basic insurance, supplementary insurance and special insurance. Basic insurance refers to insurance that can be insured independently. Such as Ping An insurance, water damage insurance and all risks in the insurance clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China, ICC (A), ICC (B) and ICC (C) in the insurance clauses of the London Insurance Association. Supplementary insurance refers to the type of insurance that is additionally covered on the basis of the basic insurance. The additional insurance cannot be insured separately. The US special line can only be insured when the basic insurance is insured, such as IC.C (malicious damage insurance). Sp...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Taiwan Consolidation As mentioned above, the international ocean cargo transportation will encounter risks, losses and costs. Therefore, it is necessary to insure the goods shipped. Due to the different cargoes transported by different policyholders, the shipping routes of cargo ships are different from the ports and ports, and the seasons of transportation are different, the risks and losses encountered by the cargoes are different. Policyholders will choose different types of insurance and different terms when insuring. According to different insurance responsibilities undertaken by the insurer, the cargo transportation insurance clauses of Taiwan Container Lines can be divided into different types of insurance. Insurance coverage (insurance coverage) is the basis for the insurance compa...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Thailand Special Line (4) Extra fee Extra fee refers to the fee paid to prove the establishment of the loss claim. For example, the cost of inspection, the cost of selling damaged goods at the auction, the cost of notarization, the cost of surveys, the cost of surveyors and other expenses related to the claim. The extra cost is generally only when the claim is established, the insurance personnel are responsible for compensation. If both parties to the insurance contract agree otherwise in advance on certain additional costs, the Thai special line, such as the cost of checking the bottom of the ship after the ship is stranded, will be compensated by the insurer regardless of any loss. In addition, when the claim is established, the insured cannot calculate the additional cost within the am...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Malaysia Special Line (4) The compensation for salvage expenses does not consider whether the measures are successful, as long as the measures are appropriate and the expenses are reasonable, even if the salvage measures are unsuccessful, the insurer is also responsible for the salvage costs. Salvage charges, also known as salvage charges, refer to the fees paid by third parties other than the insurer and the insured to take rescue actions when the subject matter of the insurance encounters a disaster. Malaysia's dedicated line assistance costs are mainly divided into general assistance and employment assistance, and the insurer will compensate for the costs incurred by these two assistance methods. (3) Special charges and special charges refer to the expenses incurred in the unloading...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    The total amount payable by the Singapore Green Line, the insurer, is 15.5 million yuan. However, if the ship is insured by insufficient insurance, the insurer ’s compensation for the rescue cost will be reduced proportionally. For example, the insurance value of the goods is 20 million yuan, and the insured only insures 10 million yuan, then the insurer only compensates 50% of the rescue cost. (2) The expenditure of the rescue cost must be reasonable and necessary. The insurer shall not compensate for unreasonable salvage expenses and expenses that are not expenses for preventing or reducing insurance losses. For example, the Singapore Green Line has a stranded ship accident. After the ship unloads the cargo, the ship will no longer use the ship to continue to the destination, but will us...
  • 2017 - 04 - 05
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    Russian Special Line (1) Rescue expenses. Rescue expenses (sue and labour expenses) refer to the insured person or his agent, hired person or insurance document assignee when the subject of the insurance encounters a disaster within the insurance liability In order to avoid or reduce the loss of the insurance subject, the cost of taking various rescue or protective measures. In the practice of compensation for salvage expenses, attention should be paid to the following issues. (’) The compensation for salvage expenses can be carried out within a separate insurance amount. The insurance clause of the Russian special line for salvage expenses is a supplementary contract other than the marine insurance contract. According to the provisions of the supplementary contract, the insurer independen...
The tax-declared customs clearance client bears greater risks, more costs, and the exporter ’s financial burden is heavier, and the recovery of the consignment goods that is not conducive to its funds is slow. risk.(4) Consignment agreement,The consignment agreement stipulates the conditions and specific practices related to consignment sales, and its main contents are as follows.1. Basic relationship terms of both partiesTax-included customs clearance The relationship between consignors and consignors is a principal-agent relationship. Before the goods are sold, their ownership remains with t...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 03
Obligation clauses of the parties to the Haitao customs clearance agreementThe obligations of the first-generation sellers include custody of goods, handling import customs declaration, warehouse, insurance and other procedures and promptly notify the consignor of business conditions. The consignee shall deliver the payment to the consignor in the manner and time specified in the agreement. Some consignment agreements also stipulate that the consignee should present its bank guarantee or standby bank certificate to the consignor to ensure that it assumes its obligations under the consignment a...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 03
US Dedicated Line (2) Bidding Method for AuctionThere are three bidding methods for auctions: mark-up auction, mark-down auction and sealed bid auction1. Increased AuctionThis is the most common type of auction. During the auction, the auctioneer announces the predetermined minimum price, and then the bidders bid one after another. The auction house may set a limit on the amount of each price increase. At a certain price, when the auctioneer prompts three times and no one raises the price, it is the highest price, and the auctioneer knocks it down to indicate a deal. According to the auction c...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 03
Sealed bid auctionThe Europe-Europe special line is also called bidding auction, where the buyer submits the sealed quotation (also called the bid) to the auctioneer at the specified time, and the auctioneer chooses the buyer. Compared with the above two methods, this auction method has the following two characteristics: First, in addition to price conditions, there may be other transaction conditions that need to be considered; second, either open bidding or non-public bidding can be adopted. This method can be used when auctioning large-scale facilities or a large number of inventory materia...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 03
3. Payment and deliveryAfter the transaction, the buyer signs the transaction confirmation, and the United States goes to Hong Kong and pays part of the payment as a deposit. After the buyer pays the full payment, the auction house issues a bill of lading and the buyer picks up the voucher. The auction house withdraws a certain percentage of the commission from the payment as payment for the provision of auction services, and deducts the costs that should be borne by the owner in accordance with the contract, and then delivers the payment to the owner.V. Bidding and biddingBidding and bidding ...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 03
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