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  • 2016 - 08 - 30
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    UPS International Express, but in the context of the continued economic downturn, a series of problems have only really emerged or continue to expand, and jeopardize their development prospects. On the other hand, many seemingly insignificant small and medium-sized airlines can cater forThe demand for low-cost services in the former market, coupled with the relatively weak competitiveness of some big-name airlines, has made them active in the market. UPS International Express2. M & A or moreIn fact, from the perspective of history and current situation, American Airlines is not weak. It has more than 170 cities with more than 700 passenger planes, routes throughout the United States, and flights to Canada, Latin America, Western Europe and Asia. Especially on the Latin American route, ...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    International logistics is developing rapidlyThe third party logistics (the third party logistics) referred to as 3PL, TPL, relative to the 'first party' consignor and 'second party' consignee, refers to the logistics services provided by intermediaries in the logistics channel. Therefore, the third-party logistics provider is an external customer management, control and provision of logistics service operations companies, they do not participate in the supply chain, only as a third party to provide a complete set of logistics activities to serve the supply chain. From 1996 to 2004, the global third-party logistics. Market share surged, with an average annual growth rate of 13%. From the perspective of regional distribution, from 1996 to 2001, international logistics accoun...
  • 2016 - 08 - 30
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    International logistics from the United States to Hong Kong The current market instability has accumulated potential for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. However, whether this situation can form the merger trend of the global aviation market that occurred when the financial crisis broke out in 2008, the author believes that this depends on the world economic environment. Experts and scholars at the 2011 Davos Forum in the summer of 2011 Reached a consensus: the possibility of the second bottoming of the world economy is not great, the entire economic structure has not been greatly impacted, economic growth continues, international logistics from the United States to Hong Kong is only relatively slow, but the European and American economic zones will be in the next two or three y...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    Development Trend of Reverse Logistics and Green LogisticsThe traditional logistics direction of international air transport is from producers to consumers. In international logistics, it is represented by the flow of goods from exporting countries to importing countries. However, in the international logistics operation, the reverse flow of goods often occurs, that is, the reverse flow from the consumer of the goods to the supplier. The American Logistics Management Association (CLM) defines reverse logistics as logistics management technologies and activities that involve the reduction and treatment of products and packaging waste, including reverse distribution, and that cause goods and information to flow in the opposite direction of normal logistics activities. For example, consumers ...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    Import customs clearance The logistics industry develops from a single industry to a diversified formatIn the economically developed countries, with the rapid development of e-commerce, network technology and logistics globalization, regional logistics and enterprise logistics in a broad sense have shown a trend of mutual integration through the extension and expansion of upstream and downstream. This trend promotes the diversified and subdivided development of the logistics enterprise model, that is, the logistics business sub-business types and formats. In the field of commodity circulation, there are so-called industry types and formats. In simple terms, customs clearance of imports mainly refers to the business scope, and the business form mainly refers to the business mode. Therefore,...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    A glimpse of Canada's logistics industry in Europe and AmericaCanada is a beautiful country with abundant products. In recent years, with the deepening of the friendly relations between China and Canada, and the implementation of the Canadian Government's 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Program (APGCI)', China and Canada have increased cooperation in trade and logistics. At the invitation of the Canadian government, the reporter conducted an inspection of the 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Plan' and related logistics industries.VancouverThe current Vancouver-Fisha Port Authority was actually merged in 2008 by the three Port Authority of the former Vancouver Port Authority, North Fraser River Port Authority and Fraser River Port Authority. The combined Vancouver Port ...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    Of course, tax-imported imports cannot be achieved by the Vancouver Port Authority alone. There are also two powerful rail transport / A \-divisions-Canadian National Railway (CN) and Pacific Railway (CP), which have established a close sea-rail intermodal cooperation with Vancouver Port. Through the Vancouver Port information system, the two railway transportation companies can see the time and final destination of all containers entering the port in real time. The system will automatically arrange the containers to the corresponding train schedule according to the order of arrival time. The rails of the two railway companies are directly paved to the wharf, and the containers are directly hoisted from the yard to the train. This efficient mode of intermodal transportation allows goods fr...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    Import Logistics With the implementation of the 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Plan', Prince Rupert saw a new dawn. Taking advantage of their unique geographical advantages, they work closely with the National Railway of Canada to transport goods arriving at the fastest speed to the economic hinterland of North America. Containers will be transported by rail to other cities in North America, as far as Chicago or Florida in the United States. The person in charge of Prince Rupert said that as the container terminal was put into operation in 2007, Prince Rupert provided a new trans-Pacific container transportation solution for cargo owners, which can provide a fast and Reliable and cheap trade channel. The growth of container throughput at the port has also brought Gospel import logi...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    Quality and globalization of international express logistics services, personalized service systemWith the arrival of the era of diversified consumption, flexible production, and efficient circulation, the society and customers are increasingly demanding logistics services. Logistics costs are no longer the only standard for customers to choose logistics services. People pay more attention to logistics services ofquality. The quality of logistics services is an important trend for the future development of logistics. The '5R' service is to put the right product at the right time, at the right place, at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price (at 'the right price) to provide customers will become a common standard for quality services of logistics companies...
  • 2016 - 08 - 31
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    In order to increase the role of air freight in the 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Plan', the Canadian government approved 13 Canadian airports, including Pearson and Airport, to operate air cargo transit projects, so that air cargo can be transferred to Canada through Canada. Three Kingdoms. Pearson Airport is located at the crossroads between North America and China, India, South Korea, Japan and other major Asian economies and North America. This makes it one of Canada ’s most important air cargo hubs in North America: the world ’s most important airline. Freight forwarding companies have set up branches here. In order to better serve these cargo companies, Pearson Airport has set up a cargo area around the airport. Famous aviation logistics companies including FedEx, UP Field, ...
Xingyi International has a dedicated department responsible for cross-border e-commerce logistics issues. Mainly responsible for: customs clearance by mail, customs clearance at Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and other ports, the fastest journey from abroad to the end consumer takes only one week!The advantages of our company's Amazon head shipping are: 1. Advanced warehousing management;2. Fast delivery speed;3. All-weather customer service;4. Support multi-channel distribution to meet cross-platform distribution needs;
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 24
In international logistics, many people will choose between air and sea transportation, so we need to distinguish the difference between air and sea transportation to choose the right transportation method for their own goods.Air transportation: It is also called air transportation. Generally, it is a more urgent cargo. If the road and sea transportation cannot meet the time limit of the customer's requirements, choose air transportation. The air transportation speed is fast, the breakage rate is low, safe, and the delivery time is greatly shortened.Ocean Shipping: Ocean transportation is ...
Release time: 2020 - 05 - 25
There are broad and narrow definitions of international air freight logistics. International logistics in a broad sense includes international trade logistics, non-trade international logistics, international logistics cooperation, international logistics investment, international logistics exchange and other fields. The narrow sense of international logistics mainly refers to international trade logistics, that is to say, in the business activities carried out between international logistics in different countries in a broad and narrow sense, the transportation, distribution, storage, storage...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 29
International logistics concept1. Definition of logistics and supply chainThe term 'logistics' originated from the military term during the Second World War. It was used to describe the stationing and supply of munitions equipment and personnel. A series of activities at a location. It has a broader concept than transportation. At present, there is no unified and clear definition of logistics. The British 'Royal Logistics and Transportation Society' defines logistics as the allocation of resources related to time, or the management of the entire supply chain. The American '...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 29
International logistics system is extensive and high riskThe functional elements of logistics itself, the communication between the system and the outside world are already very complicated, and international logistics has added elements of different countries or regions to such a complex system, which not only has a broader time and space, but also involves more domestic External factors and longer time requirements lead to an increase in the difficulty and complexity of international logistics and an increase in risks. In addition to the general logistics risks in the operation of internatio...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
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