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  • 2016 - 09 - 05
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    International logistics is conducive to production and sales, according to the market and customer needs to organize materials, arrange production, to avoid blind production caused by inventory backlog, thereby accelerating capital turnover.(3) The international circulation mode that combines foreign resources and markets with domestic production capacity during feed processing is also a form of international division of labor. By carrying out feed processing, the advantage of relatively low labor prices can be fully utilized, and the relatively surplus processing capacity can be effectively used to expand the employment opportunities of laborers.3. The practice of import processing trade  The practice of international logistics import processing trade is carried out in the following ...
  • 2016 - 09 - 05
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    International logistics barter trade1. The meaning of barter tradeBarter trade refers to a method of direct exchange of equivalent goods or basic equivalent goods between buyers and sellers. In the practice of international goods, there are two forms of narrow barter and broad barter. The narrow sense of bartering refers to the way in which buyers and sellers exchange goods directly. Their characteristics are: the value of the goods exchanged by both parties is equal or similar; they are traded at the same time; they do not pay money; they do not involve third parties, that is, no third parties participate. This bartering method has great limitations and is rarely used in modern international trade. International logistics Broad barter means that the two parties to the transaction open a l...
  • 2016 - 09 - 06
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    A translated name widely accepted by imported logistics. The history of counter-trade is long, and it still has a certain position and status in modern society.effect.(1) Overview of counter-tradeCounter trade is a general term for a series of international trade methods in which both buying and selling, and buying and selling are mutually conditional, with exports as compensation or partial compensation as imports. Counter-trade is different from unilateral import and export, it is a combination of import and export. At present, there are five main forms of barter trade, mutual purchase trade, offset trade, compensation trade and transfer trade. With the strengthening of international economic cooperation and the development of economic globalization, new forms of counter-trade may appear...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    The requirements within the scope of the German dedicated claim. The two do not apply to the same legal category. The shipper ’s rights in the transportation of goods do not affect the rights in the relevant trade law. The two can be carried out simultaneously or trade claims can be processed first. The second is the relationship between the collection of the freight and the claim. The freight is the cost that the shipper should pay to the carrier or the carrier agent when consigning the goods. This is the pre-existing behavior and responsibility; and the claim is in the process of transportation of the goods, or the purpose of the goods arrival Afterwards, the German express line shipper will be reasonably protected by the relevant provisions in international cargo transportation. If the ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    The risk of the French special line at sea exists in many links in the process of cargo transportation, so these sea cargo transportation accidents are inevitable. Although the cargo damage accidents can be dealt with according to the relevant contract clauses, laws, conventions, etc., in the actual processing process, disputes often occur between the injured party and the responsible party, so the first thing to deal with the cargo damage accident is Two relationships. One is the relationship between international trade and international cargo transportation. The international transportation claim process is separate from the trade claim process. When handling claims, the French special line freight forwarders often receive the shipper as 'consignee found the goods damaged after recei...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    There is no need to pay extra fees or go through the relevant procedures when using the Japanese special line carrier. Whether it is from the transportation mode involved in the contract or from the specific manifestation form of the contract, the international multimodal transport contract is larger than the single mode transportation contract the difference. Although the whole process of transportation is divided into multiple transport sections, and each section is completed by different sub-carriers, the multimodal transport contract cannot also be regarded as several single transport contracts, which must be treated differently from the single mode of transport contract . The Japanese special line multimodal transport contract is a double-service contract. The operator has the obligat...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    Taiwan special line, when making a claim, the injured party should provide evidence in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with certain procedures to prove the cause of the accident, the liability of the accident and the amount of loss. Claimant The claimant should be the owner of the damaged goods. Due to the complexity of the flow of goods in international trade, the claimant may include the following different identities. 1) Consignee (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ... , And then transfer the bill of lading to the buyer, the consignee, so that the consignee becomes the owner of the goods, including the final buyer of the negotiable bill of lading. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the bill of lading constitutes after it is transferred ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    U.S. Green Line Where ships encounter severe weather at sea, in order to clarify the cause and extent of cargo damage, they should verify relevant information and documents such as logbooks, maritime statements or maritime reports. After a freight accident occurs, if the consignee and the carrier fail to reach agreement on the nature and extent of the accident through negotiation, the inspector should be appointed to inspect all items that should be inspected on the basis of mutual agreement. The inspection report issued by the person is the basis for determining the liability for cargo damage. US Dedicated Line (2) Claims for maritime freight accidents Claims for maritime freight accidents mainly refer to the act of claiming against the carrier by cargo interests after the occurrence of a...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    United States Container Lines (3) The conditions of the loading site do not meet the requirements. (4) Improper stowage on board. (5) Improper storage after loading, during the voyage and before unloading. (6) Natural disasters. (7) Other accidents are affected. (8) Theft. (9) Others. In the actual business operation, the possible problems are mainly divided into four stages: land transportation to the site, cargo packing at the site, maritime transportation, and the arrival of the goods at the port. However, to a large extent, marine cargo damage accidents are received at the final destination The consignee was discovered when or after receiving the goods. When the consignee picks up the goods, if it is found that the quantity of the extracted goods is insufficient, the appearance status ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 11
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    Malaysian dedicated line 1) Timely issue of damage notices' ·: According to relevant international conventions and national laws or contracts, the consignee or other cargo claimant shall send a cargo accident to the carrier within the prescribed time in the event of a sea cargo transportation accident Notice, stating that we reserve the right to claim freight accidents. If the cargo claimant fails to issue a cargo accident notification to the carrier, the burden of proof for the cargo accident is transferred from the carrier to the consignee. If the consignee cannot prove the fault of the carrier, the claim will be lost. There is a time limit for the Malaysian Green Line cargo claimant to issue cargo accident notifications. According to Article 81 (2) of the 'Maritime Law of t...
UPS International Express, but in the context of the continued economic downturn, a series of problems have only really emerged or continue to expand, and jeopardize their development prospects. On the other hand, many seemingly insignificant small and medium-sized airlines can cater forThe demand for low-cost services in the former market, coupled with the relatively weak competitiveness of some big-name airlines, has made them active in the market. UPS International Express2. M & A or moreIn fact, from the perspective of history and current situation, American Airlines is not weak. It ha...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
International logistics is developing rapidlyThe third party logistics (the third party logistics) referred to as 3PL, TPL, relative to the 'first party' consignor and 'second party' consignee, refers to the logistics services provided by intermediaries in the logistics channel. Therefore, the third-party logistics provider is an external customer management, control and provision of logistics service operations companies, they do not participate in the supply chain, only as a third party to provide a complete set of logistics activities to serve the supply chain. From 1996 to ...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 31
International logistics from the United States to Hong Kong The current market instability has accumulated potential for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. However, whether this situation can form the merger trend of the global aviation market that occurred when the financial crisis broke out in 2008, the author believes that this depends on the world economic environment. Experts and scholars at the 2011 Davos Forum in the summer of 2011 Reached a consensus: the possibility of the second bottoming of the world economy is not great, the entire economic structure has not been greatly i...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
Development Trend of Reverse Logistics and Green LogisticsThe traditional logistics direction of international air transport is from producers to consumers. In international logistics, it is represented by the flow of goods from exporting countries to importing countries. However, in the international logistics operation, the reverse flow of goods often occurs, that is, the reverse flow from the consumer of the goods to the supplier. The American Logistics Management Association (CLM) defines reverse logistics as logistics management technologies and activities that involve the reduction and t...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 31
Import customs clearance The logistics industry develops from a single industry to a diversified formatIn the economically developed countries, with the rapid development of e-commerce, network technology and logistics globalization, regional logistics and enterprise logistics in a broad sense have shown a trend of mutual integration through the extension and expansion of upstream and downstream. This trend promotes the diversified and subdivided development of the logistics enterprise model, that is, the logistics business sub-business types and formats. In the field of commodity circulation,...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 31
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