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  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    United States Consolidation Clause)), land transportation cargo insurance is divided into two basic risks: 'land transportation insurance' (overland transportation risks) and 'land transportation all risks' (in addition, in order to meet the needs of refrigerated transportation The special 'overland transportation cargo insurance-'frozenproducts'' is a special insurance, but it also has the nature of basic insurance. In addition to the natural disasters and accidents listed by land transportation insurance in the US In addition to the total loss or part of the loss, it is also responsible for the loss caused by the melting of the insured goods caused by the damage of the refrigerated machinery or temperature insulation equipment during transportation. In ter...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    Thailand's dedicated line follows the laws and practices of the United Kingdom; there are no relevant provisions in the CIC clause. One (3) The ICC clause does not specify the effectiveness of claims, while the CIC clause stipulates a two-year claim limitation period, which begins when the insured cargo is completely discharged from the ship at the last port of unloading. Insurance clauses under other cargo transportation methods In the international cargo transportation insurance, in addition to marine transportation, other transportation methods such as land cargo transportation, air cargo transportation, Thailand special line parcel transportation, etc. have relevant insurance provisions. Land transportation cargo insurance The land transportation cargo insurance (overland transport...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    The losses caused by the Malaysian dedicated line (whether it is full loss or partial loss) are not compensable. (2) CIC Ping An Insurance is responsible for covering all or part of the loss caused by one or several pieces or the whole cargo caused by the loading and unloading; and ICC (C) Insurance does not cover the loss caused by the loading and unloading of the goods (except for the refuge port) Loss. (2) Comparison of insurance premium term CIC clauses have made some provisions on the insurance term in the terms of 'responsibility' and 'insured's obligations'; ICC in the terms of delivery, termination of Malaysian dedicated line transportation and voyage change, etc. The insurance period has been stipulated accordingly. CIC's regulations on voyage changes are m...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    The Singapore special line ICC (B) is responsible for underwriting seawater damage. Cargoes from rivers, lakes, and other transportation means such as ships, barges, containers, etc. (2) CIC water damage insurance is not responsible for the damage caused by the waves hitting the sea. ICC (B) is responsible for the waves hitting the sea. 3. Comparison of the scope of liability of CIC Ping An Insurance and ICC (C) Clause (1) CIC Ping An Insurance covers all losses of goods caused by natural disasters. Although it has been clearly stated that some losses caused by natural disasters are not compensable In the event that an accident has occurred in the means of transportation, part of the loss caused by the natural disaster at sea before and after the cargo is compensated, and ICC (C) insurance...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    Russia special line III. Comparison of China-Britain marine cargo transportation insurance clauses. And the terms of the claims are different. (1) Comparison of insurance liability scope 1. Comparison of CIC all risks and ICC (A) underwriting scope CIC all insurance clauses adopt the method of listing risks to specify the scope of liability The 'excluded liability' approach stipulates the scope of liability. 2. Comparison between CIC water damage insurance and 1CC (B) clause coverage
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    The British special line refers to the various cargo transportation clauses formulated according to the international commodity category as the association's special insurance clauses. These terms are divided according to the types of commodities, and are specific to all types of commodities. The special insurance clauses of the association are: association coal clauses, institute bulk oil clauses; association raw rubber clauses (excluding liquid raw rubber) (institute natural rubber clauses (excluding liquid latex)), association jute Terms (institute jute clauses), British Timber Association timber trade terms (institute timber trade federation clauses), association frozen foods clauses (excluding frozen meat), association frozen meat clauses (institute frozen meat clauses), associati...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    The German special line causes all or part of the intentional damage to the insurance goods due to the malicious actions of any person or people or (2) The loss or damage of the insurance goods due to the sabotage or intentional sabotage. For the liability for malicious damages, only the ICC (A) underwriting liability includes this risk, while the ICC (B) and ICC (C) underwriting risks do not include this risk. Therefore, policyholders insured by ICC (B) or ICC (C) can obtain protection from this risk by insuring malicious damage insurance. The German Green Line Association's malicious damage insurance is different from the Association's strike insurance in terms of underwriting liability. The risk of strike insurance coverage is the damage or loss of insurance goods caused by the ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    The French special line (3) is to avoid or avoid the common average damage and rescue expenses caused by the actions related to the above-mentioned underwriting risks. 2) Exclusion Liability of Association Cargo Strike Insurance Except the following two points, the exclusion liability of Association Cargo Strike Insurance is basically the same as that of ICC (A). · / (1) The loss of goods, damage or expenses caused by various labor shortages, shortages, and supply congestion caused by strikes are not covered. The French special line (2) due to strikes required for various additional costs, such as loading and unloading costs, storage fees and other strike insurance will not be covered. 3) The liability period of strike insurance The insurance liability period of strike insurance is th...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    Japan special line 2) In the case of transshipment, if the cargo is unloaded at the midway port, it will be continued to be transported by other ships or aircraft. Under the condition of paying a certain premium (if necessary), the insurance liability will be extended until the ship arrives at the midway port or The port of refuge begins at midnight on the day and ends at 15 days. 3) The situation of barge barge For the cargo that needs to be transshipped by barge between the loading port terminal and the sea vessel, and between the sea vessel and the unloading port terminal, the insurer only applies to the barge that has been loaded on the barge. Or torpedoes caused by the loss of goods caused by the liability for compensation. Unless otherwise agreed, the insurer's underwriting perio...
  • 2017 - 04 - 08
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    Taiwan Green 3. Insurance Warranty Period of the Association ’s Cargo War Risks ‘According to the transit clause, the insurer ’s freight insurance period is the warehouse-to-warehouse clause. The risks and losses associated with navigation of goods on land are also covered by insurance coverage. However, war risk is different from the insurance risk of marine transportation insurance, and the coverage of war risk is limited to the waters, and no longer bears responsibility for the war risk on land. The specific provisions of the Taiwan Warranty Association ’s cargo war risk clause regarding the duration of insurance are as follows.) ', 1) The “water hazards” clause 2 under normal transportation conditions Or part of it at the time of final unloading at the port of unloading the sea ves...
In order to increase the role of air freight in the 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Plan', the Canadian government approved 13 Canadian airports, including Pearson and Airport, to operate air cargo transit projects, so that air cargo can be transferred to Canada through Canada. Three Kingdoms. Pearson Airport is located at the crossroads between North America and China, India, South Korea, Japan and other major Asian economies and North America. This makes it one of Canada ’s most important air cargo hubs in North America: the world ’s most important airline. Freight forwarding companie...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 31
As the largest city in Canada, UPS International Express is more prosperous than Vancouver and more cheerful than Lujiaote. _Because it is located in the hinterland of North America, in the entire 'Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Project', Toronto's radiance is smaller than that of Vancouver and Lupat. But with its strong air superiority, Toronto's ties with the Asian market have become closer. ) UPS International Express Toronto Pearson Airport is the largest airport in Canada and the second largest airport in North America. From a geographical point of view, the direct flight f...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 31
Development of China International LogisticsOver the past 30 years of China's reform and opening up, China's international logistics industry, led by international trade, has made great progress. Sustained economic growth, industrial restructuring, strengthened infrastructure construction, the addition of the World Trade Organization, and government policy support at all levels have created a powerful macro environment for the development of China's international logistics. China has become the world's most potential producer and trade power. Due to the rapid development of Chi...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 01
In the past few years, China International Air Transport ’s international container traffic has grown at an average double-digit rate. In 2004, the national port completed container throughput of 61.6 million TEUs, an increase of 27.8% over the previous year; throughout the year, the national port completed a foreign trade cargo throughput of 115.5 billion tons, an increase of 189% over the previous year. Affected by the financial crisis, in 2009, ports above designated size across the country completed 121 million TEUs, down 6% year-on-year, showing negative growth for the first time. From Ja...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 01
Demand for international express logistics is growing rapidlyThe experience of logistics development at home and abroad shows that the level of logistics development is directly proportional to a country's economic aggregate and economic development level. Since the 1990s, China's GDP has grown rapidly on average every year, and its economy has continued to grow rapidly. At the same time, the logistics industry is also in a period of rapid growth. According to statistics, in 2008, the total amount of national social logistics reached 89.9 trillion yuan, a 4.2-fold increase over 2000, w...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 01
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