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  • 2020 - 08 - 24
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    Speaking of mobile phone accessories, there are many mobile phone processing plants, manufacturers and manufacturers in China, so where do they import their mobile phone accessories and parts? Countries like the United States, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland make these electronic accessories. Not only these countries have mobile phone accessories and many countries have them. You should check which countries have you according to the accessories you need.Products needed. Some of these mobile phone accessories have batteries inside. Can the FedEx import channels be charged? This is possible, but live products must be truthfully declared and labeled with the corresponding battery. It is not allowed to misrepresent the product name and detailed information. The declared price is also the same...
  • 2020 - 08 - 20
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    Recently, the domestic epidemic situation is a bit serious, but the foreign epidemic situation is quite serious. Some imported cat food and dog food are still out of stock, so some netizens have begun to hoard imported pet food. Why not choose domestic pet food? Many customers of domestic pet food say that the quality is not good and contains a lot of impurities. Dogs don’t like it, and cats don’t like it.That's why customers choose to import pet food. There is no need to worry about the transportation of imported pet food. TNT picks up everything from your door to door globally. Except for some special products, dangerous goods and contraband, normal goods can be delivered through TNT global door-to-door delivery channel, not only the global door-to-door delivery, It also provides doo...
  • 2020 - 08 - 19
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    Recently, my friends around me are wearing imported brand shoes. Now I can see many people wearing imported shoes when I go out. I heard from my colleague today: A customer imported a lot of shoes. I was asking if I would like to use UPS imports or FedEx imports. Relatively low. Customers who see our official website for the first time will think that our company is a FedEx agentThen the price will be high, otherwise how to make money. Then you are wrong. If the price is high, what is the advantage of cooperating with customers? All customers first consider the issues of freight and timeliness. The editor knows that customers are the first concern, so our FedEx import channel The freight is much cheaper than the published price, the higher the weight, the price is more favorableThere will ...
  • 2020 - 08 - 12
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    As an import logistics company, Xingyi International is also a famous first-level agent of the four major express delivery companies. So as a TNT agent, how do customers choose us and trust us? Nowadays, many things need to be transported. Many people will also send or buy some things to transport to the country, but many people are at a loss when choosing international express for the first time.What is prohibited? What kind of information is needed, etc., but the most practical issue is the shipping cost. Yesterday, the editor also released the advantages of FedEx agents and also focused on the shipping issues. Therefore, as a TNT agent, there is also a great deal of shipping. Advantage. Comparing the freight issue, timeliness is the first thing many people consider. Our company has two ...
  • 2020 - 08 - 11
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    Many customers still have a question in their minds. Why don’t I find the FedEx official website to place an order but a FedEx agent? Isn’t the agent very troublesome? Why do people say that agents are troublesome? Suppose you want to buy foreign goods. If their prices on the official website are very high and they don’t get home directly, it will be slow to respond to and deal with problems.So will you choose the official website? Everyone has to shop around to buy things. First of all, you will definitely think that it is better to have the official website for everything, but the price is very expensive, which will cause you to find other channels. As a FedEx agent, you can already choose us in terms of price, and as a first-level agent, if there is no advantage in price How do we let o...
  • 2020 - 08 - 10
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    Speaking of lipstick, the editor also loves lipstick very much. Now every girl must go out with lipstick, because lipstick can be said to be a soul-like existence for a girl, no matter what the occasion is to wear lipstick, because lipstick is not used. Complexion, after all, there are really many differences without lipstick, I have experienced it. I don’t know if you buy lipstickWhere did you buy it? Taobao and Daigou are still purchased from their flagship stores on the e-commerce platform. I often hear colleagues say that their customers have many imported lipsticks and cosmetics. However, most of them are imported from Hong Kong from the mainland, and some of them are imported from Korea and Japan. Some customers who have not shipped cosmetics do not know that our company is fromHong ...
  • 2020 - 07 - 13
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    I believe that in our lives, shrimp must be indispensable. For fitness professionals, shrimp not only have low calories, but also are endowed with many proteins and rich calcium and other nutrients. Shrimp contains rich magnesium, which can maintain the heart and blood system and reduce the cholesterol content in the blood.To prevent arteriosclerosis, it can also expand the coronary arteries, which is helpful to prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction. So shrimp is a kind of food that many people will buy. But recently there is a coronavirus in imported shrimp detection. UPS agents inform you that this shrimp should pay attention! !Yesterday (July 10), the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China announced in 2020 No. 81: Frozen Eurasian white shrimp p...
  • 2020 - 07 - 10
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    With the economic development of society, many young people will choose to shop online. For most people with financial resources, they will choose to buy overseas things online. For example, girls like Haitao to buy some bags and make-up. Skin care products, etc., and most boys will use Haitao shoes online, but for many novice Haitao, I don’t know what kind of customs requirements will be encountered when the products they buy enter the customs. The customs regulations of import and export are not very well understood, and when choosing transshipment, I do not know which logistics company to choose to transport and clear these items.Today, Xingyi International simply tells you how novice Haitao novices have purchased their to tell whether their merchandise is a personal i...
  • 2020 - 07 - 08
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    The recent Indian folk resistance to 'made in China' has also had a great impact on cross-border e-commerce. Why do you say that? Amazon has also settled in the Indian station in recent years, and has also set up an Amazon warehouse in India. What impact does it have on the transportation service of Amazon regarding resistance to Chinese production?Recently, the Indian government issued a directive requiring e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India and Flipkart to inform buyers whether the products sold are “made in India”. As soon as this directive came out, it was necessary for the e-commerce platform to indicate which products were made for India. This behavior was primarily aimed at Chinese products and restricted the sales of Chinese products.In recent years, Chinese products...
  • 2020 - 07 - 07
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    Since the opening of the national second child policy, many couples will choose to have a second child, so the baby’s diet is particularly strict, especially in terms of milk powder. Now Baoma will choose to import milk powder, and China’s imported milk powder mainly comes from Switzerland. Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Denmark.Since the epidemic situation abroad is getting worse, the impact on imported milk powder is not only in logistics, but also many milk powder manufacturers have been seriously affected, they have to stop production. This caused many treasure mothers to be very worried that the milk powder they bought would be out of stock, and then they went to the purchasing agent to find a logistics company to help import the milk powder. So, if a customer asks if the...
Nowadays, many toys are biased towards AI. There are many toys in Japan that are very well-made and famous. Many parents in China will buy Japanese toys. Japan will also export some toys for sale in the Chinese market. For Japanese exports of toys to Hong Kong, choose Are UPS agents unsafe? UPS agents have high freight costs, poor service, and delay in handling problems.As a UPS agent, our company can be very responsible for telling all customers that our price is a discount of about 30% to 80% off the published price. The freight for goods over 21 kg is even more discounted. Secondly, for ser...
Release time: 2020 - 09 - 08
Recently, many customers have bought skin care products from Japan to Hong Kong. Now the weather is too hot and my friends around me have also bought a lot of skin care products. Generally, the editors who export from Japan to Hong Kong recommend the UPS import service channel, but many customers Will ask: AreUPS's import service channels reliable? Will the outsourcing box be unpacked? Will there be violence against the goods? transport. There is absolutely no need to worry about these issues. First of all, before the customer places an order, our company will let the customer take pi...
Release time: 2020 - 09 - 07
Recently, more and more baggages of international students have been transported back to China. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, many overseas students returned to China for the New Year, and they did not bring any luggage to return to China. The epidemic situation abroad has not been well controlled, so many international students Starting to send luggage back to China, many students will ask: I can’t send luggage to your site,I believe this question will be asked by many customers. Our international express delivery services are all door-to-door services. If the weight of the goods is he...
Release time: 2020 - 09 - 04
Skin care products are the favorite of girls. There are no girls without skin care products. Many domestic skin care products are purchased from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and imported to the mainland. Then we will recommend customers to buy skin care products from Japan and export to the mainland. UPS import service channels, UPS import service channels are more expensive than other international expressIt has more advantages. Many customers think that the price can be quoted at will. The first sentence I received from many customers was to ask: How much is the price of Japanese cosmetics ...
Release time: 2020 - 08 - 27
Before the Chinese Valentine’s Day, many purchasing agents said that they had received a lot of information about purchasing bags. Girls’ favorites are bags and cosmetics. In some places, there are no counters for brand bags, so they can only buy them from Daigou or Haitao. Some of them feel that Why should I look for a UPS agent? I can contact the official website directly. This is a Wrong idea, then why don’t others buy bags directly overseas? Just find a reliable transportation company to take charge of the transportation. Why do you want to buy? Why look for a UPS agent to transport goods ...
Release time: 2020 - 08 - 26
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