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  • 2017 - 04 - 03
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    The Malaysian green international marine transportation insurance is referred to as marine cargo insurance, which refers to marine cargo or ships as the insurance subject, and takes the risks, losses and expenses that the cargo and ships may suffer during marine transportation as a type of protection. Insurance. Maritime insurance belongs to the category of property insurance and is the most important kind of insurance in international cargo transportation. International marine transportation is faced with special risks, such as irresistible natural disasters such as typhoons and tsunamis at sea, accidents such as reef strikes and stranding, and disasters such as pirate and crew illegal behavior. There are also costs incurred to minimize losses. Therefore, the insurance cover of marine car...
  • 2017 - 04 - 03
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    The loss of the subject line of the Singapore special line insurance must constitute the subrogation of compensation. The following two conditions must be met: First, the loss must be caused by a third party ’s tort or breach of contract due to negligence or negligence, and the third party ’s loss In accordance with the provisions of the law or the agreement between the two parties in the contract, they are liable for compensation; secondly, such damage or breach of contract by the third party is the insurance liability in the insurance contract. If the third party ’s damage or breach of contract does not fall within the scope of insurance underwriting liability, it cannot constitute a condition for subrogation on insurance. In the case of freight insurance business, there is often a case ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 03
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    The Russian special line has a disaster accident within the scope of insurance underwriting liability, and this insurance accident is borne by a third party other than the insurer and the insured, in order to prevent the insured from repeating the accident after obtaining insurance compensation. The third party ’s responsible party obtains compensation and obtains additional benefits. On the basis of the insurance compensation principle, the right of subrogation principle (the right of subrogation) emerges. The purpose is to restrict the insured from obtaining double compensation. The Russian special line. Therefore, the principle of subrogation right means that after the insurer pays the insured, the insured should transfer the right to the insured to the insurer, so that the insurer can ...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    Italian special line (2) All compensation refers to all compensation for the insured person ’s losses caused by the insurance accident, excluding the reasonable expenses necessary for the insured person to prevent or reduce losses. (3) Compensation for actual losses. Since the insurance contract is a compensatory contract, the insurance compensation obtained by the insured must not exceed its actual losses. Although all compensation and compensation for actual losses are limited to the amount of insurance, the Italian special line emphasizes the 'must compensate', while the latter emphasizes 'not much compensation'. Because both the small compensation and the large compensation do not accord with the compensation principle, the insurer can only restore the insured to the ec...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    The British special line can be transferred by endorsement because of the cargo insurance policy. When the insurance contract is concluded, the last holder of the insurance policy may not have obtained all the benefits for the goods it purchased. Insurable interests can be expressed as existing interests, expected interests or responsible interests. Fourth, the principle of loss compensation The principle of loss compensation (losses compensating) refers to the insurer's British special line must compensate the actual loss suffered by the insured within the scope of liability when the insurance accident occurs and the insured suffers losses. The following contents are included. (1) Timely compensation The premise is that the insured informs the insurer in time and provides all evidence...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    German special line Another example is during the war, when a batch of goods was waiting to be transported in the dock warehouse when enemy aircraft bombed, causing a warehouse fire to damage the batch of goods. The insured took out all risks for the goods. At this time, cargo damage was caused by two reasons: one was the war outside the coverage, and the other was the fire within the coverage. The former directly leads to the latter, so the former is a recent cause, and it is not covered, so insurance companies can refuse to pay. German special line 3. The principle of insurable interest (insurable interest) refers to the insured ’s legal interest in the subject matter of the insurance. In other insurances, the insured or the insured must have an insurable interest when the contract comes...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    In addition to establishing and accepting the supervision of relevant departments in accordance with the law, the French private insurance company must operate strictly in accordance with the law. Legal operation is a concrete manifestation of insurance companies' observance of the principle of maximum integrity. (4) Explicit description means that the insurer should clearly explain to the insured about its liability exemption. If it is not clearly stated, the clause will not be effective. 2. Proximate cause The proximate cause, the main cause of loss, is the criterion for determining the most direct causal relationship between a cause and loss. The French special line is an important principle to determine whether the insurer bears the insurance liability for the loss of the insurance...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    Japan Special Line (2) Performance guarantee A guarantee is an agreed guarantee, which means that the insured promises an act or omission, or satisfies a certain condition, or determines the existence or non-existence of a fact. Guarantees can be divided into express guarantees and implied guarantees. The express guarantee is the guarantee that must be stated in the reference documents of the insurance contract or insurance policy, such as the ship name guarantee and the sailing date guarantee. If the insured violates the express guarantee, the Japanese special line insurer may continue to perform the contract or terminate the contract by increasing the premium according to the situation. The implied warranty is not stated in the contract, but it is a fact well known to both parties to the...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    The Taiwan special line determines whether to agree to the underwriting situation. If the insurer knows or should know about the ordinary business, if the insurer does not inquire, the insured need not be informed. Regarding the consequences of the insured ’s breach of the obligation to inform, there are two types of legislation in various countries. One is that the insurer has the right to terminate the contract, and the other is that the insurance contract is invalid. '' China ’s regulations are: When the insured intentionally violates the obligation of notification, the Taiwan green line insurer has the right to terminate the contract, and shall not be liable for the loss before the termination of the contract, and will not refund the insurance premium; The insurer can either ca...
  • 2017 - 04 - 01
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    The United States special line full multimodal transport. (1) Under the IPI mode of transport, the bill of lading should indicate: Port of discharge: LONGBEACH (Long Beach) Place of delivery: IPIMEMPHIS, TN (Inland public point multimodal transport Memphis, Tennessee). (2) The responsibility of the transportation operator shall be responsible for the whole transportation from the time of receiving the goods to the time of delivering the goods. (3) In the case of containerized goods under the IPI mode of transport, at the CIF price, the seller (consignor) assumes the responsibilities and costs terminated at the place of final delivery. United States Dedicated Line (4) Although IPI transportation uses two different modes of transportation, it uses the same freight bill of lading and charges ...
The delivery of bid documents from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong should generally be sealed and sent by registered mail or sent by a designated person. Bidding documents must be delivered to the tenderer before the deadline for bidding, and will expire after the deadline.3. Bid opening, bid evaluation and bid decisionBid opening means that the bid inviting party compares the bid price listed in the received bid with the proposed transaction conditions at the specified date, time and place, and then selects the bidder. The date, time and place of bid opening shall be specified in the bidding ...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 05
Italy to Hong Kong Bid decision refers to the act of making a decision after bid evaluation and finally selecting the winning bidder. In the case where the bidder ’s lowest quotation differs greatly from other bidders ’quotations, or even lower than the“ bottom bid price ”expected by the competent authority, the bidder may rule that it is an unreasonable quotation and grant the bidding right to the higher quotation Bidder.Medium labelItaly to Hong Kong The winning bid is to select the transaction object from a number of bidders, and the winning bid will win the bid. The winning bidder must sig...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 05
A translated name widely accepted by international logistics. The history of counter-trade is long, and it still has a certain position and status in modern society.effect.(1) Overview of counter-tradeCounter trade is a general term for a series of international trade methods in which both buying and selling, and buying and selling are mutually conditional, with exports as compensation or partial compensation as imports. Counter-trade is different from unilateral import and export, it is a combination of import and export. At present, there are five main forms of barter trade, mutual purchase ...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 05
From the Netherlands to Hong Kong, according to the definition of Article 3 of the 'Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Supervision of Processing Trade Goods' issued by the Customs in 2004: 'Processing trade refers to the importation of all or part of the original and auxiliary materials, spare parts, components and packaging by the operating enterprise. Materials (hereinafter referred to as 'material parts'), after processing or assembly, the business activities of re-exporting the finished products, including processing of incoming materials and proce...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 05
Japan to Hong KongThe nature of the processing businessProcessing of incoming materials is different from general import and export trade. General import and export trade belongs to the sale of goods; although the processing of incoming materials has the import of raw materials and parts and the export of finished products, it does not belong to the sale of goods. Because the ownership of raw materials and finished products always belongs to the entrusting party, there is no transfer in the process of one in and one out. The entrusting party only provides labor services and collects the agreed...
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 05
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