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  • 2016 - 09 - 02
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    Competition in the international import customs clearance market has also accelerated the development of the world ’s overall productivity. The further development of the domestic economy has also promoted the economic development of underdeveloped countries and regions. This not only promotes developed countries(1) The meaning of distributionImport customs clearance distribution (distribution), also known as distribution, means that the exporting enterprise has reached a written agreement with a foreign distributor (ie, importer). The exporting company uses the foreign distributor to promote the product on the spot. Obligation to sell specified goods.(2) The nature of distributionThe two parties involved in the distribution are distributors and export enterprises. The relationship between...
  • 2016 - 09 - 03
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    Global imports can also use the consignment method flexibly and appropriately in China's import and export business.(1) The concept of consignmentConsignment means that the person who is the consignor (the consignor) first transports the goods to be sold to the foreign consignment place, and entrusts the local agent (trustee) to sell on behalf of the consignment agreement. Consignment sales are carried out in accordance with consignment agreements. The consignor and consignee are not a sales relationship, but an entrusted and fiduciary relationship, which is of a brokerage nature. Unlike agency business, consignors sign contracts with customers in their own names and handle agreements For the matters specified in the article, its legal actions are not directly effective against consign...
  • 2016 - 09 - 02
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    General customs clearanceGeneral distribution is also called fixed sales. According to the provisions of the distribution agreement, the dealer does not enjoy an exclusive franchise. That is, the supplier can appoint more than one dealer to operate similar products within the period of the dealer agreement and within the same distribution area. In this way of distribution; the relationship between dealers and foreign suppliers is not fundamentally different from the relationship between general importers and exporters. They are all trading relationships. The difference is that under the distribution method, distribution A relatively long-term and stable purchase-sale relationship has been established between suppliers and suppliers. In general import and export trade, the relationship betw...
  • 2016 - 09 - 03
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    Import customs clearance Agents do not bear any risks and costsUnder the consignment method, the consignee is not responsible for various risks such as trading profit and loss, backlog of goods, etc. It only receives commission as compensation, and the advance fee is deducted when the goods are remitted, which is conducive to mobilizing the contributor ’s enthusiasm. All risks and expenses before the sale of the goods are borne by the consignor. The risk borne by the consignor is greater than other trade methods, and the time required to recover the payment is also longer, which is not conducive to the turnover of funds and the safety of foreign exchange collection.(3) Pros and cons of the consignment method1. Advantages of consignmentIn the import customs clearance consignment method, alt...
  • 2016 - 09 - 02
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    XingYi International is engaged in business activities and pays the corresponding fees to the licensor. In this way, the distributor not only purchases the supplier ’s tangible products, but also enjoys the supplier ’s trademarks and patents The right to use intellectual property. (4) The content of the distribution agreement Xingyi International Distribution Agreement is a contract between the supplier and the distributor to establish the legal relationship between the two parties. In actual business, many distribution agreements only stipulate the rights, obligations and general trading conditions of both parties in principle. In the future, the delivery of each batch of goods will be based on the distribution agreement and the two parties will enter into a specific sales contract, ...
  • 2016 - 09 - 02
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    The number or amount of US special line distribution. This is one of the essential elements in the distribution agreement. The size of the minimum distribution amount is generally suitable for the dealers through hard work. The determination of the minimum distribution amount can be counted by the amount or by the number of commodities. The quantity or amount regulations are binding on both parties to the agreement. It is not only the amount that the dealer should undertake in a certain period, but also the amount that the supplier should guarantee the supply.(6) Valuation method. Distributor products can be priced at a time within the prescribed period, and the settlement will be based on the fixed price stipulated in the agreement, or in the case of a longer period, the method of pricing...
  • 2016 - 09 - 02
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    Haitao clearanceThe meaning of agencyAgency refers to the agent signing a contract with a third party or carrying out other legal acts on behalf of the principal in accordance with the authorization of the principal, and the principal directly enjoys the rights and obligations arising therefrom. The agent and the agent are a relationship of entrustment and entrustment, not a relationship of buying and selling. ‘‘ In international trade, agency and distribution are essentially different:(1) The exporting enterprise is in a buying and selling relationship with a foreign distributor, and is in a principal-agent relationship with a foreign agent.(2) There is no relationship between the exporting enterprise and the customer in the distribution business, but in the agency business, it is a buyin...
  • 2016 - 09 - 03
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    The tax-declared customs clearance client bears greater risks, more costs, and the exporter ’s financial burden is heavier, and the recovery of the consignment goods that is not conducive to its funds is slow. risk.(4) Consignment agreement,The consignment agreement stipulates the conditions and specific practices related to consignment sales, and its main contents are as follows.1. Basic relationship terms of both partiesTax-included customs clearance The relationship between consignors and consignors is a principal-agent relationship. Before the goods are sold, their ownership remains with the consignor. The consignee shall, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, sell the goods as an agent, collect payment, handle disputes, etc. The risks and costs shall be borne by the cons...
  • 2016 - 09 - 03
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    Obligation clauses of the parties to the Haitao customs clearance agreementThe obligations of the first-generation sellers include custody of goods, handling import customs declaration, warehouse, insurance and other procedures and promptly notify the consignor of business conditions. The consignee shall deliver the payment to the consignor in the manner and time specified in the agreement. Some consignment agreements also stipulate that the consignee should present its bank guarantee or standby bank certificate to the consignor to ensure that it assumes its obligations under the consignment agreement. The consignor's obligation is to ship the goods within the time stipulated in the agreement, and to pay the agency fees paid by the consignor.4. AuctionAuction (auction) is a transaction...
  • 2016 - 09 - 03
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    US Dedicated Line (2) Bidding Method for AuctionThere are three bidding methods for auctions: mark-up auction, mark-down auction and sealed bid auction1. Increased AuctionThis is the most common type of auction. During the auction, the auctioneer announces the predetermined minimum price, and then the bidders bid one after another. The auction house may set a limit on the amount of each price increase. At a certain price, when the auctioneer prompts three times and no one raises the price, it is the highest price, and the auctioneer knocks it down to indicate a deal. According to the auction charter, before the auctioneer fades, the bidder's US special line can cancel the bid; if the seller and the auctioneer have agreed on a minimum price in advance, and the bidder's bid price is ...
Classification of imported customs clearance international logisticsAccording to the different classification criteria, the international material sinks are mainly divided into the following types.(1) Classification according to the flow of goods between countriesInternational logistics can be divided into import logistics and export logistics. When international logistics serves the import of a country ’s goods, it can be called import logistics; conversely, when international logistics serves the export of a country ’s goods, it can be called export logistics. Due to differences in logistics...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
According to the Xinhua News Agency news on April 25, Russian customs officials said on the 25th that the Russian Federal Customs Administration plans to cooperate with the China General Administration of Customs to supervise international mail products and combat product infringement.Ashurkov, Deputy Minister of the Intellectual Property Commodity Supervision and Protection Department of the Russian Customs Office, said in a news conference in Moscow that day, with the development of e-commerce, infringing commodities were dispersed into small parts and sent to all parts of the world by post ...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 20
Haitao Clearance International Logistics Development HistoryInternational logistics activities have been developed with the development of international trade and transnational operations. Logistics concepts and methods have been continuously developed with the pace of logistics internationalization. Since its inception, international logistics activities have mainly experienced the following stages of development. (1) The first stage (from the 1950s to the 1980s) Haitao clearance clearance Before the Second World War, there was already trade between countries, but the transportation volume wa...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
International Express announced yesterday that last year's total package shipments totaled 3.9 billion pieces, with an average daily shipment volume of 15.6 million pieces, and revenue of 49.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 9.4% year-on-year. one. The company's adjusted operating profit for the year reached 5.8 billion US dollars, a surge of 47%, of which the operating profit of the international parcel, supply chain and freight business departments reached 1.9 billion US dollars and 577 million US dollars. In the Asia-Pacific region, China became one of the markets with the larg...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 20
From the 1980s to the early 1990s, the United States went to Hong KongWith the development of economic technology and international economic exchanges, the trend of logistics internationalization has begun to become a worldwide logistics development trend, and international logistics has entered a comprehensive start and development stage. In particular, Japan, which is in a period of mature economic development, has established a nation as a trade, realized the logistics internationalization suitable for its foreign trade, and adopted a series of measures such as establishing a logistics info...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
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