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Russian and Chinese customs will cooperate to combat infringement of mailed goods

Date: 2016-06-20
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According to the Xinhua News Agency news on April 25, Russian customs officials said on the 25th that the Russian Federal Customs Administration plans to cooperate with the China General Administration of Customs to supervise international mail products and combat product infringement.

Ashurkov, Deputy Minister of the Intellectual Property Commodity Supervision and Protection Department of the Russian Customs Office, said in a news conference in Moscow that day, with the development of e-commerce, infringing commodities were dispersed into small parts and sent to all parts of the world by post and courier . This year, the Russian and Chinese customs departments plan to cooperate to adopt a whole set of measures. It is planned to carry out special operations in June and July this year. Russian customs officers will inform the Chinese side of the infringing commodity information found in the mail, and the Chinese side will take action at the place where the mail is posted.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said in the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province in December 2015 that Internet trade is one of the most promising areas for cooperation between China and Russia. Among the top five foreign websites for sales in Russia, two of them are Alibaba Group's 'AliExpress' and Taobao, ranking first and third.

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