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XingYi International recruits!

Date: 2019-02-28
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What are you wandering about?

Are you still worried about finding a job? Here, there is your place.

First-hand logistics channels, first-class office environment.

A young and energetic team with a high income.

Be a local tyrant? It's not a dream, 2019 wants a god horse.

Here is everything you want, as long as you dare to think, there is nothing you can't do.


Office area


meeting room

Recruitment position

International logistics business

Number of recruits: unlimited

Salary: basic salary + commission + year-end bonus

Job Responsibilities:

 1. Integrate the company's original customer data and collect new customer information to develop potential customers.

 2. Develop new customers through telephone, Internet promotion, home visits, etc.

 3. Feedback to the company in a timely manner to customers who are interested in cooperation, and the company arranges for people to come forward and negotiate.

 4. Proactively serve good customers, and establish good long-term cooperation.

 5. Establish the company's reputation in the industry and maintain the company's external image.

job requirements:

 1. College degree or above, logistics management, marketing, international trade, English and other related majors are preferred (mainly for fresh graduates)

 2. Have relevant work experience in international freight marketing business or foreign trade, and have certain customer resources and contacts are preferred.

 3. Have strong affinity, communication skills and communication skills.

 4. Have strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, willing to challenge, bear pressure and grow fast.

 5. Cheerful personality, proactive, and teamwork ability.

English document operator

Recruitment number: 1-2

Salary: basic salary + commission + year-end bonus

Job Responsibilities:

 1. Four major international express (UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL) import channel orders.

 2. Familiar with the prices and requirements of all the company's imported express delivery channels.

 3. Comprehensively analyze the characteristics of each channel and select the optimal route.

 4. Analyze and deal with related issues in the process of international logistics and transportation.

 5. Maintain good cooperative relations with all logistics suppliers and assist salesmen to arrange international freight business.

 job requirements:

 1. College degree or above, logistics management, marketing, international trade, English and other related majors are preferred (mainly for fresh graduates)

 2. Possess a certain knowledge of English, be able to handle English mail independently, and be fluent in spoken English.

 3. Possess good understanding and communication skills, work conscientiously, and be motivated.

 4. Have strong learning ability, willing to challenge, withstand pressure and grow fast.

 5. Dedication, down-to-earth, teamwork and dedication.

Working hours: Monday to Friday (Company activities on Saturday morning)

              Morning: 9: 00-12: 00

              Afternoon: 14: 00-18: 00


The company's collective outdoor development activities in 2016


2017 the company's collective outdoor development activities


The company's collective outdoor development activities in 2018



All employees of the company's 2017 annual meeting


2018 company annual meeting


       For newly recruited employees, the company will provide you with personalized care and a scientific and reasonable training mechanism. In addition to intensive work, the company will organize various forms of training, gatherings, expansion, tourism and other activities to let you improve At the same time, you can also feel the warmth of the home.

1. There is irregular business training every week.

2. Unscheduled entertainment party activities.

3. All employees have a collective tourism event every year.

4. For outstanding performers and special contributors, enjoy 'Europe Tour' for free.


Winner of the first 'Europe Tour'-Li Yan


Winner of the second 'Europe Tour'-Liu Qi



The next 'Europe Tour' is waiting for you!

      Whether you are a blank piece of paper, or want to re-certify yourself, join us, we will be able to reshape your outlook on life and values on our platform.

      If you need or want to consult more content, please contact us quickly!

Contact: Mr. Jiang

Tel: 139 2658 3199 (same number on WeChat)

Company address: Room 501, Building A17, Area 4, Cuigang Industrial Park, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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