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Is it reliable to choose UPS import service to transport milk powder?

Date: 2020-07-07
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Since the opening of the national second child policy, many couples will choose to have a second child, so the baby’s diet is particularly strict, especially in terms of milk powder. Now Baoma will choose to import milk powder, and China’s imported milk powder mainly comes from Switzerland. Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Since the epidemic situation abroad is getting worse, the impact on imported milk powder is not only in logistics, but also many milk powder manufacturers have been seriously affected, they have to stop production. This caused many treasure mothers to be very worried that the milk powder they bought would be out of stock, and then they went to the purchasing agent to find a logistics company to help import the milk powder. So, if a customer asks if the UPS import service is reliable?

 As a UPS agent, I told customers that it is very correct to choose us. Recently, UPS broke the warehouse and charged a fuel surcharge, but our company canceled the surcharge with customers, and the price of our agent is higher than the official website. The price is more favorable. Why do customers ask the question whether UPS import service is unreliable? That is, you don’t know much about UPS as an international express

Is it reliable to choose UPS import service to transport milk powder?

1. Good service, the service scope covers more than 200 countries and regions in the world 2. The package status can be quickly provided to solve the problem in a timely manner, 3. The time limit is generally controllable in 2-4 working days, 4. Our company is imported by UPS Agents, freight has advantages over other couriers. The above four advantages are enough for you to choose the UPS import service of Xingyi International Agency. If you import milk powder to Hong Kong,

We will be able to provide customs declaration and customs clearance. In terms of customs clearance, UPS has an absolute advantage. However, many foreign brands of milk powder are still in the stage of suspension of production, so our company recommends buying milk powder in a box, after all, many milk powder channels have indicated that they are out of stock. For example, many foreign brands such as Mead Johnson, Abbott and Etamed are empty. Frame phenomenon, and currently

They have not yet given a specific delivery time. Everyone can learn about domestic milk powder. As the country grows, the quality control of all aspects is very strict, so you can go to offline stores to learn about domestic milk powder.

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