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International Express suspends Amazon shipping service to India?

Date: 2020-07-08
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The recent Indian folk resistance to 'made in China' has also had a great impact on cross-border e-commerce. Why do you say that? Amazon has also settled in the Indian station in recent years, and has also set up an Amazon warehouse in India. What impact does it have on the transportation service of Amazon regarding resistance to Chinese production?

Recently, the Indian government issued a directive requiring e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India and Flipkart to inform buyers whether the products sold are “made in India”. As soon as this directive came out, it was necessary for the e-commerce platform to indicate which products were made for India. This behavior was primarily aimed at Chinese products and restricted the sales of Chinese products.

In recent years, Chinese products have quickly occupied the market through e-commerce platforms, and Indian shopping malls have become an important choice for Chinese sellers. In India, e-commerce prospects are very promising, such as Amazon India. Data shows that Amazon has added 50,000 sellers, customers will buy products on Amazon because the Amazon shipping service is very fast,

International Express suspends Amazon shipping service to India?

Since Amazon has set up a warehouse for FBA sellers, customers will always prefer FBA sellers when buying products. But recently, DHL will suspend logistics services from China to India. Many Amazon sellers have indicated that the first shipment from China to the Amazon warehouse in India is necessary to deliver goods to Amazon through international express delivery.

So why did DHL suspend logistics services to India, due to changes in the current operating environment, it will suspend the collection of goods from China to India. The official website shows that in the past few days, we have witnessed serious customs clearance delays in the shipment of goods from mainland China, Hong Kong, China and Macao, China through all Indian ports, which caused the customs clearance ports across the country to be unable to control the time of customs clearance. ,

shipping time. Therefore, for the Amazon transportation service in India, Amazon sellers can use other international couriers to solve the problem of the first shipment. For example, our company also agents UPS, TNT, FEDEX. If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number to consult related business and other issues.

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