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Does German special line freight take FBA major?

Date: 2017-04-06
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The German special line (5) falls within the scope of liability and exclusion from the provisions of war risk and strike risk. (4) The beginning of insurance liability The beginning of insurance liability mainly adopts the 'warehouse to warehouse' clause, that is, the insurance liability begins when the insured goods are transported out of the warehouse or storage space as stated in the insurance policy, including the sea, Transportation by land, inland river and barge until the cargo arrives at the final warehouse or storage space of the consignee at the destination specified in the insurance policy or the insured is used for distribution or other storage space for abnormal transportation . German special line The above three types of insurance have basic insurance for cargo transportation, and the insured can choose one type of insurance. In addition, the insurer can request an extension of the insurance period. For example, for some landlocked countries exporting goods, such as unloading and transshipping inland at the port, can not reach the destination within the insurance period specified in the insurance clause, you can apply for expansion. The insurance company will issue a certificate to extend it, and a certain premium will be charged every day. German line

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