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FEDEX and UPS trucks were robbed?

Date: 2020-06-17
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The recent American riots were caused by the death of a black man. A policeman pressed his knee against the black man's neck during the process of breaking the law, causing the black man to suffocate due to lack of oxygen. Many Americans are very angry, from the 29th local timeLate in the evening, there were many protesters in the United States, and they directly poured into 22 US states and Washington, DC for protests and demonstrations.

FEDEX and UPS trucks were robbed?

So far, the riots in the United States have continued to escalate. Protesters have hit police headquarters, destroyed banks, looted shops, and even UPS and FEDEX freight cars have been looted. At the same time, Amazon’s vehicles have also been looted. Some customers said that now UPSAfter picking up the goods, the logistics update is slow. If you query the UPS logistics page for an emergency or delay, it may be the reason for the warehouse explosion.

If the goods are afraid of being ransacked, Xingyi International gives the following suggestions: 1. Buy insurance, including riot insurance, our company provides insurance on behalf of you, 2. Communicate with customers on the issue of timeliness, including notifying buyers of relevant risks. 3. Reduce shipments, increase the frequency of shipments, and reduce risks. Our company will tailor the packaging to reduce the loss of goods,

As a FEDEX agent and UPS agent, Xingyi International needs to explain to you about the timeliness of goods. Affected by the riots, many empty channels have been affected. At the same time, FEDEX has recently exploded and UPS has exploded, so the time is expected. Will delay about 5-10 days.

What are the advantages of FEDEX agent Xingyi International? Our advantages: full air transportation, cargo scanning and tracking throughout the process, tailor-made packaging, reduce cargo damage, and also reduce customers' transportation costs by 30%-50%, 7*24 hours free consultation of professional customer service tracking service.

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