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German imports of dog food to Hong Kong, the Netherlands TNT home delivery?

Date: 2020-07-06
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Many young people go out to make money and want to raise other pets such as cats and dogs. Not only do young people like to keep pets, like middle-aged people, old people like to keep pets, because for people who live alone they will want to find a pet Increase the atmosphere of life so that life is not too boring.

Recently, due to the domestic and foreign epidemic situation, many foreign manufacturers have stopped production, including the imported dog food and cat litter cat food imported by the most people. The substantial reduction in production, coupled with the reduction of some international logistics flights and the reasons for bursting, Leading to higher prices of imported dog food, even

Dog food and cat food prices are still rising. Many pet owners will still import. Recently, customers have asked, I imported dog food from Germany to Hong Kong, and chose the Dutch TNT channel. Does the Dutch Netherlands TNT home delivery? As the first-level agent of TNT global logistics in the Netherlands, I will tell you here that the Dutch TNT picks up the goods and the Dutch TNT picks up the goods worldwide.

German imports of dog food to Hong Kong, the Netherlands TNT home delivery?

Compared with other express delivery services, TNT in the Netherlands has obvious advantages. As a TNT agent, what are the advantages? 1. TNT has strong customs clearance ability, 2. There is no non-superimposed cost and oversized item cost 3. There is no remoteness in all of Europe 4. The declaration can be free of 1000 Euros, and the declaration is based on the actual value 5. Our transportation channels are all air transportation, Timeliness can be controlled within 5-6 arrivals

Many customers said that the reasons for foreign epidemics and anti-racial discrimination are considering whether to store cat litter and dog food. On this issue, if we choose the transportation channel of our agent, it is completely unnecessary to store food such as dog food and cat litter. Because our company represents the four major international couriers, the main mode of transportation is air transportation, and the time limit is guaranteed, but some regions will have delayed delivery and delivery.

Regarding the issue of logistics freight, our company is a first-class agent, and the price is quite favorable. If it is a large cargo, the price will definitely have an advantage. If the goods are imported into Hong Kong, our agent will declare customs clearance and other issues.

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