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Is it convenient for Haitao to choose UPS import service for customs clearance?

Date: 2020-07-10
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With the economic development of society, many young people will choose to shop online. For most people with financial resources, they will choose to buy overseas things online. For example, girls like Haitao to buy some bags and make-up. Skin care products, etc., and most boys will use Haitao shoes online, but for many novice Haitao, I don’t know what kind of customs requirements will be encountered when the products they buy enter the customs. The customs regulations of import and export are not very well understood, and when choosing transshipment, I do not know which logistics company to choose to transport and clear these items.

Is it convenient for Haitao to choose UPS import service for customs clearance?

Today, Xingyi International simply tells you how novice Haitao novices have purchased their merchandise. to tell whether their merchandise is a personal item? Relevant policies indicate that the import of personal items requires domestic recipients to collect personal items for personal use. Together, they require individuals to send items from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan,The limit is 800 RMB, and the limit in other countries is 1000 RMB. If it exceeds 5,000 RMB, postage tax will be paid for the excess. Resident passengers entering the territory shall bring personal personal use entry items exceeding 5,000 RMB. The customs review of these items is for their own use. The customs only uses the excess for personal use. Items are taxed. For indivisible single items, full tax is paid.

2. What are the requirements for customs clearance of personal items?

 The recipient must be a natural person, not a company, unit, organization, collective, etc., the items must be satisfied with a reasonable quantity, daily necessities, not exceeding the limit, not prohibited items. Four conditions. Clothes, shoes and bags, maternity and baby products, health care products, etc. belong to the recipient's daily necessities and can enter the country as personal items. 

3. How to choose a suitable world express? 

The international express that Haitao wants to choose, Xingyi International recommends our company's UPS import service. Why should we choose the UPS import service represented by our company? In the previous issues, we have written about the advantages of UPS import services. With regard to customs clearance, our company has always emphasized that as long as we arrive in Hong Kong, our company will double tax clearance, door-to-door one-stop service, and choose UPS import services. To be able to know the status of the tracing of the package for the first time,

Because the logistics status of UPS is provided in a timely manner and the service is good. If you still have problems, please click the blue font of UPS import service, it will be transferred directly to all the introductions of UPS import on our homepage. Once again, our company has canceled the collection Fuel surcharges, do not worry about the problem of excessive freight. 

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