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A UPS agent informs you that a virus has been detected in imported shrimp in this country

Date: 2020-07-13
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I believe that in our lives, shrimp must be indispensable. For fitness professionals, shrimp not only have low calories, but also are endowed with many proteins and rich calcium and other nutrients. Shrimp contains rich magnesium, which can maintain the heart and blood system and reduce the cholesterol content in the blood.

To prevent arteriosclerosis, it can also expand the coronary arteries, which is helpful to prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction. So shrimp is a kind of food that many people will buy. But recently there is a coronavirus in imported shrimp detection. UPS agents inform you that this shrimp should pay attention! !

Yesterday (July 10), the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China announced in 2020 No. 81: Frozen Eurasian white shrimp produced by three companies in Ecuador was detected in the container environment and related samples of the outer packaging of the goods during the import process. New coronavirus. Virus was detected in the packaging of imported shrimp

What does it remind us? 

Wu Zunyou, chief expert in epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that regarding the discovery of viruses in the outer packaging of shrimp, it reminded two aspects: 1. It is possible for imported seafood to bring the virus into China. If it cannot cause a new outbreak, further scientific demonstration is needed.

2. Regarding imported items, especially those from countries with epidemic conditions, especially imported products with frozen packaging and frozen storage at low temperature, the inspection should be strengthened, or imports should be stopped altogether. Therefore, regarding customers who want to import food, our company will communicate with customers strictly and compare it as a UPS agent. If there is a problem, many people will be involved.

Recently, many customers have asked us about whether our company charges a fuel surcharge. Our company immediately wrote an article to tell us that UPS does not charge a surcharge, and As a UPS agent, our price is definitely superior to other express delivery. If you want to know the latest news about import news, you can pay attention to our WeChat public account.

A UPS agent informs you that a virus has been detected in imported shrimp in this countryWeChat public account

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