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What are the advantages of being a TNT agent for you to choose us?

Date: 2020-08-12
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As an import logistics company, Xingyi International is also a famous first-level agent of the four major express delivery companies. So as a TNT agent, how do customers choose us and trust us? Nowadays, many things need to be transported. Many people will also send or buy some things to transport to the country, but many people are at a loss when choosing international express for the first time.

What is prohibited? What kind of information is needed, etc., but the most practical issue is the shipping cost. Yesterday, the editor also released the advantages of FedEx agents and also focused on the shipping issues. Therefore, as a TNT agent, there is also a great deal of shipping. Advantage. Comparing the freight issue, timeliness is the first thing many people consider. Our company has two TNT channels,

What are the advantages of being a TNT agent for you to choose us?

One is imported TNT from Holland and the other is imported from Hong Kong. You can go to our official website to check and choose the channel that suits you. Generally, the timeliness can be controlled within 3-5 working days. However, many customers are worried about the declared value. The declared value of TNT agents can be exempted from the limit of 1,000 euros, and can be declared according to the actual value, and in the international segment, it can be paid according to the invoice value.

Our company is the only one in China, and this TNT channel is also the channel that our customers choose the most. I would like to emphasize once again that if the goods are directly imported into the mainland, we must ensure that the recipient has the ability to clear customs, and then pay taxes during customs clearance. It can be delivered directly to the door to pick up the goods. Our company strictly prohibits the transportation of contraband, and the outer packaging must not have prohibited and dangerous signs. Why can I choose TNT channels?

Because our company will concentrate all the goods in Belgium and transfer to Hong Kong, so that the timeliness is much faster than other express delivery. At the same time, it also effectively reduces the customer's transportation cost. What is prohibited and what information is required for import can be found on our official website. This column searches for related articles. If you can’t find it, you can call us or add other contact information to contact us, we will be the first time

answer your question.

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