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Does TNT deliver goods globally?

Date: 2020-09-04
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Recently, more and more baggages of international students have been transported back to China. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, many overseas students returned to China for the New Year, and they did not bring any luggage to return to China. The epidemic situation abroad has not been well controlled, so many international students Starting to send luggage back to China, many students will ask: I can’t send luggage to your site,

I believe this question will be asked by many customers. Our international express delivery services are all door-to-door services. If the weight of the goods is heavy, the editor will suggest to use the TNT channel, because this channel has low freight and TNT global door-to-door delivery. The luggage editor in Europe recommends TNT. The global door-to-door delivery channel, if there is no requirement for timeliness, the editor really recommends goingTNT channel, because TNT is not limited by the value of 1,000 euros, if you use the UPS channel, the value of more than 1,000 euros requires self-declaration. TNT global door-to-door delivery will also be delivered to the destination, so there is no need to worry about this pick-up and delivery problem. The second is the freight issue. The TNT channel is very advantageous for bulk goods. It is difficult to find prices that compete with us in other companies.

Does TNT deliver goods globally?

We are a first-class agent, tailor-made logistics and transportation solutions, and directly reduce the transportation cost by 30%-50%. If the top of the pallet is raised, there will be non-superimposable costs or over-sized costs, but Dutch TNT does not have this cost. Now There are surcharges in some places, but there is no surcharge for TNT. The editor strongly recommends that customers choose the TNT global door-to-door delivery channel, provided that there is no requirement for timeliness.

The TNT time limit is generally controlled within 3-5 working days. After you place an order, our salesperson will immediately provide you with a tracking number to track the package. However, before placing an order, the editor hopes that customers can base their goods on the value Consider whether to buy insurance. If you do not purchase, damages can only be paid in accordance with the highest standard of TNT.

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