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What should I pay attention to when importing UPS milk powder?

Date: 2020-09-21
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With the continuous improvement of living standards in our country, imported milk powder has become the choice of millions of households. When import declarations, they must be accompanied by official foreign health certificates. Whether they are buying milk powder exporters or agents, they must contact the General Administration of Customs. For filing applications, the General Administration of Customs conducts risk assessments on countries that apply to export milk powder to China. Only countries that have passed the assessment can export milk powder to China.

Many customers ask what channels are recommended for imported milk powder? Under normal circumstances, the editor will recommend the UPS import service channel to import milk powder, but it also depends on the specific situation. The UPS import service channel has an advantage in terms of price and timeliness. Many customers are mostly in Japan buys milk powder and transports it to Hong Kong or the mainland. At this time, you can choose UPS import service.

What should I pay attention to when importing UPS milk powder?

The pickup will arrive the next day on the same day. Door-to-door service. As UPS's first-level agent, we have our own account. For other agents, our price is definitely very favorable. There is one point that must be emphasized. The volume and weight of the goods is larger than the actual weight. Even if the quotation is given to you, if your goods arrive at the UPS site, they will re-measure or weigh them. If there is more, the difference will be made up.

It’s best to take photos after posting the waybill to the salesman to check it out to avoid unnecessary expenses. I have said many times, and most of the articles have emphasized that if the goods fly directly to the mainland, the sender or For the recipient’s customs clearance, our company does not include customs clearance. Regarding the import of medicines, you need to clear your own medicines. Many customers don’t know our ordering process. You can go to the official website and click on any of the core businesses in Import.

An international express introduction will have an order process. Our other advantage is that we will respond to the problem in a timely manner and provide the order number to the customer within 10 minutes after placing the order. This is the choice of more than 1,000,000 customers.

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