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International logistics overview

Date: 2016-08-29
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International logistics concept

1. Definition of logistics and supply chain

The term 'logistics' originated from the military term during the Second World War. It was used to describe the stationing and supply of munitions equipment and personnel. A series of activities at a location. It has a broader concept than transportation. At present, there is no unified and clear definition of logistics. The British 'Royal Logistics and Transportation Society' defines logistics as the allocation of resources related to time, or the management of the entire supply chain. The American 'Logistics Management Association' (CLM) is defined as: logistics is a part of the supply chain, which is the efficient and efficient forward and reverse flow of goods, services and related information from the place of production to the place of consumption in order to meet customer needs And store the process of planning, implementation and control. In 2006, the National Standard of the People's Republic of China 'Logistics Terminology' (revised edition. GB / T 18354-2006) was defined as: logistics is the physical flow of goods from the supply place to the receiving place. The basic functions of handling, packaging, processing, distribution, and information processing are organically combined. In modern management, the concept closely related to logistics is the supply chain. Supply chain is a series of related activities to meet customer needs, including not only the procurement, manufacturing, distribution and waste disposal of goods, but also related transportation, storage and information technology. It is the design, development and delivery of goods or services to non-customers. A series of orderly activities. From the perspective of management, logistics management has gradually evolved into a part of supply chain management.

2. International Logistics

International logistics (IL) is the organization of the rational flow of goods internationally. The essence of international logistics is to use international logistics networks, facilities and technologies in accordance with international regulations and practices to realize the flow of goods internationally to promote Optimized allocation of global economic resources. The goal of international logistics is international trade and transnational business services, that is, to choose the best way and path, with the lowest cost and minimum risk, to ensure the quality, quantity and timely delivery of goods from a supplier in one country to another Demand side.

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