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International logistics China Southern Airlines ranks among the world's forefront

Date: 2016-08-30
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International logistics system is extensive and high risk

The functional elements of logistics itself, the communication between the system and the outside world are already very complicated, and international logistics has added elements of different countries or regions to such a complex system, which not only has a broader time and space, but also involves more domestic External factors and longer time requirements lead to an increase in the difficulty and complexity of international logistics and an increase in risks. In addition to the general logistics risks in the operation of international logistics, such as accidents, force majeure, operational hazards, and tally In addition to inspection negligence, natural properties of the goods, and contract risks, there are political risks, exchange rate and interest rate risks, and natural risks.

 (3) International logistics is dominated by marine transportation

International logistics is dominated by ocean transportation and is composed of multiple transportation methods. International logistics transportation methods include ocean transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, road transportation and international composite transportation methods combined by these transportation methods. The choice of transport modes and the diversity of combinations are a significant feature of international logistics. Due to the low cost of ocean shipping, the ability to carry long-distance and large-volume freight is the most common way of international logistics transportation, especially ocean transportation is an important means of international logistics. If the efficiency of ocean transportation can be improved and the cost of ocean transportation can be reduced, Can occupy an advantageous position in the international logistics competition. At present, in the international logistics activities, in order to pursue the operation efficiency of the entire logistics system and shorten the transportation time, the 'door-to-door' transportation method is more and more popular with cargo owners. Since the international composite transportation method can meet this need, it is The rapid development has gradually become the mainstream in international logistics and transportation.

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