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International Express Guangzhou Departs from China-Europe Freight Train

Date: 2016-08-30
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International express logistics must be supported by an international information system

Internationalized information system is a very important means of international logistics, especially international intermodal transportation. International logistics information refers to the information flow generated by the exchange and exchange of information between the supplier and the demand side of the stream. It represents the variety of demand information such as product variety, quantity, time, space, etc. in the same international express logistics system. The specific location of different logistics links. Because international logistics information involves more domestic and foreign factors, it is more difficult to establish an international information system: first, management difficulties, and second, huge investment. Moreover, the level of logistics information in different regions of the world is different, and the information level is uneven. A better way to establish an international logistics information system is to network with the public information systems of various customs to keep abreast of the actual situation of various ports, airports and intermodal routes and stations, and provide decision support for supply and sales logistics.

 (5) Higher requirements for international logistics standardization

To make international express delivery smooth, it is very important to unify standards. It can be said that if there is no unified standard, the level of international logistics is difficult to improve. At present, some countries in the United States and Europe have developed and implemented a series of internationally recognized and universal logistics standards. Basically, unified standards for logistics tools and facilities have been achieved. In terms of logistics information. Good delivery technology. European countries have not only achieved standardization within the enterprise, but also standardized between enterprises and the European unified market. This has made European countries more effective than their exchanges with some countries in Asia and Africa. Simple and more effective.

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