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There is no love in TNT International Express: whoever can be strong is the king

Date: 2016-08-30
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TNT International Express

American Airlines Faces Strategic Restructuring Pressure In October 2011, the share price of American airline parent company AMR plunged 41% at a time, triggering market concerns that the third-largest US airline is on the verge of bankruptcy. There are rumors that American Airlines will apply to the court for bankruptcy protection. American Airlines clarified that 'reorganization is definitely not our goal, nor is it a priority. We are currently focusing on improving performance.' The United States Airlines took the opportunity to express its willingness to acquire American Airlines. If American Airlines and United Airlines merge, will it stimulate a new wave of mergers. TNT International Express

1. Fragile aviation industry

In the current downturn in the global economic environment, the turbulent US aviation market has also become the epitome of the global aviation market. Although the air traffic volume has recovered a lot since 2010 compared to 2008, it does not mean that the aviation industry has rebounded from the bottom, and the reason for its recovery is largely due to the effect of the government bailout. Some experts pointed out that although the economy rebounded after the government rescued the market, the 'medicinal effects' had passed, and the government suffered a financial deficit due to the rescue and suffered a credit crisis. The continuing turmoil in US debt and European debt, coupled with the trouble of high oil prices, is a worrying prospect for the aviation industry. Tang Yanlin, Chairman and CEO of the International Air Transport Association, also said, 'The meager profits of the aviation industry will continue until at least 2012. The entire industry is relatively fragile, and any potential crisis may drag the aviation industry.' And, for those with ' 'Badly wounded' airlines, as well as established companies with too much weight (the airline stocks that have plunged recently are not the only stocks of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines that have fallen by more than n%), although they have After the crisis, TNT International Express

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