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How long does it take for international express delivery to Hong Kong?

Date: 2016-08-31
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Quality and globalization of international express logistics services, personalized service system

With the arrival of the era of diversified consumption, flexible production, and efficient circulation, the society and customers are increasingly demanding logistics services. Logistics costs are no longer the only standard for customers to choose logistics services. People pay more attention to logistics services of

quality. The quality of logistics services is an important trend for the future development of logistics. The '5R' service is to put the right product at the right time, at the right place, at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price (at 'the right price) to provide customers will become a common standard for quality services of logistics companies. The globalization of logistics services is another important trend for future development. An article published by the Dutch International Sales Commission entitled 'Global International Express' The report “Logistics Industry—Prospects of Supply Chain Service Industry” pointed out that many large manufacturing enterprises are currently developing in the direction of “expanding enterprises”. This so-called “expanding enterprises” basically includes all the global supply chains. Of service providers are unified and controlled by the latest computer system. At the same time, the report believes that the manufacturing industry has implemented the 'custom' service theory and has continuously accelerated the globalization of its activities. Sexual sales (that is, direct sales with one vote to the end). This service requires an extremely flexible and flexible supply chain, which also forces logistics service providers to almost adopt a 'all for customer service' solution. With contract-oriented With the establishment of a personalized service system, the service standards of the logistics market will gradually become standardized. · In the early stage of the logistics service productization, because the market has not yet formed a recognized service standard, and the service mode of the foreign logistics industry is not fully suitable for China At the stage of the logistics market demand, many logistics products often differ greatly, and it is difficult to achieve basic industry service standards. This to some extent hinders the optimization of logistics products and the reduction of service costs, and intensifies the competition for alternatives. With the establishment and popularization of contract-oriented customer service concepts, as well as the continuous development of the productization and marketization of logistics services, the service standards of the international express logistics market will gradually become standardized.

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