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What is the process of international air transportation from the United States to Hong Kong?

Date: 2016-08-31
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Development Trend of Reverse Logistics and Green Logistics

The traditional logistics direction of international air transport is from producers to consumers. In international logistics, it is represented by the flow of goods from exporting countries to importing countries. However, in the international logistics operation, the reverse flow of goods often occurs, that is, the reverse flow from the consumer of the goods to the supplier. The American Logistics Management Association (CLM) defines reverse logistics as logistics management technologies and activities that involve the reduction and treatment of products and packaging waste, including reverse distribution, and that cause goods and information to flow in the opposite direction of normal logistics activities. For example, consumers are dissatisfied with the goods they have purchased and need to return them, the replacement of electronic products, the recovery and recycling of waste goods, etc., all involve knowledge of reverse logistics management. Although international air transport logistics has promoted economic development, the development of logistics has also brought negative impacts on human living environment, such as noise pollution, exhaust emissions and traffic jams. In the 21st century, human beings are facing three major crises: population expansion, environmental degradation, and resource shortage. Therefore, green logistics has received widespread attention. Green logistics refers to purifying the logistics environment while suppressing the harm of logistics to the environment in the logistics process, so that the logistics resources can be fully utilized. From the perspective of logistics operations, it mainly uses advanced logistics technology to plan and implement logistics activities such as transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, and circulation processing. Green logistics improves the logistics system from the perspective of environmental protection, forming a logistics management system that develops in harmony with the environment. Modern green logistics emphasizes the integration of overall and long-term interests, as well as the integration of economic, social and environmental interests. It embodies the green image of an enterprise and adapts to the trend of human social development. It is a brand-new logistics form. International Air Transport

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