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How much does the US tax package import into Hong Kong, China charge?

Date: 2016-08-31
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Of course, tax-imported imports cannot be achieved by the Vancouver Port Authority alone. There are also two powerful rail transport / A \-divisions-Canadian National Railway (CN) and Pacific Railway (CP), which have established a close sea-rail intermodal cooperation with Vancouver Port. Through the Vancouver Port information system, the two railway transportation companies can see the time and final destination of all containers entering the port in real time. The system will automatically arrange the containers to the corresponding train schedule according to the order of arrival time. The rails of the two railway companies are directly paved to the wharf, and the containers are directly hoisted from the yard to the train. This efficient mode of intermodal transportation allows goods from Vancouver Port to be transported by rail to the entire North American region in the shortest time.


Tax-included imports Prince Rutte Port is a small town with a resident population of only 3,000 people. The port is located in the northwest corner of Canada and is tightly bounded by Alaska in the north. Despite being small, Prince Lugut Port is a beautiful tourist city in Canada. It is also the closest port in North America to Asia—compared to other North American West Coast ports, Asian ships can save 3 days in voyage to Prince Lugut Port . Take Shanghai Port of China as an example. It is about 5,092 nautical miles to Vancouver Port, about 5,101 nautical miles to Los Angeles Port, and only 4,642 nautical miles to Prince Rutte Port. Investors at Prince Ruth Port used to develop it as an export base for coal, but the coal export market did not develop as expected, resulting in a long downturn in the business of this port. Along with port developers, the National Railways of Canada is also involved-they are also optimistic about the coal trade and have built a railway import package specifically for this port

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