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The development trend of imported logistics

Date: 2016-09-01
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The efficiency of imported logistics in the whole society is low. The logistics cost of developed countries accounts for 10% of the national GDP, while the cost of China's logistics industry accounts for about 20% of China's GDP. The cost of the logistics industry is high and its The contribution rate is less than 9% (2) The problems of insufficient social logistics demand and insufficient supply capacity of specialized logistics exist at the same time. The scale of operation is small, and the 'large and complete' and 'small and comprehensive' logistics operation models are still quite common; :( 3) Insufficient capacity of logistics infrastructure, a comprehensive transportation system with reasonable layout, smooth connection, sufficient capacity, high efficiency and convenience has not yet been established, and the capacity of logistics parks, logistics technology and equipment needs to be strengthened; (4) local blockade and industry monopoly Obstacles to the integration of operations, the logistics market is not yet standardized; (5) Imported logistics technology and logistics standards cannot fully meet the needs, and the degree of organization and intensification of logistics services is not high. The construction of logistics infrastructure will enable China's logistics industry to gain new opportunities for development, but the problems of China's logistics development not only affect the competitiveness of enterprises and products, but also affect the overall operation level of the national economy at a macro level, which in turn will provide logistics for China The survival and development of the industry pose serious challenges.

2. The international logistics operation law is not perfect

In China, international logistics started late, lacking special international logistics laws and regulations to promote its development. The existing laws and regulations related to logistics are mostly departmental and regional regulations, often with the color of regional or departmental protection, such as the Railway Freight Transport Law and the Highway Freight Transport Law. China's existing civil law and industrial and commercial registration law only stipulate certain regulations for transportation agency enterprises. Most existing logistics practitioners in China are third-party logistics, and their original identities are mostly transportation agents and freight forwarders. The legal status of these companies importing logistics during their transformation into international logistics practitioners has changed substantially.

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