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What are the requirements for customs clearance?

Date: 2016-09-01
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The level of informatization of tax-clearance customs clearance logistics enterprises is still not high

In the process of improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the logistics supply chain, the logistics information system not only plays the role of the blood circulation system, but also serves as the central nervous system of the supply chain. Using logistics supply chain software to improve the performance of logistics operations has become the consensus of all walks of life. The most important symbol of the application of information technology in the field of logistics is the logistics supply chain management software developed and designed for the needs of logistics activities and supported by a large amount of information technology. At present, the most widely used logistics supply chain system in the world is supply chain management (SCM). If the logistics demand of some enterprises is limited to warehousing,

Or if the demand for logistics is relatively limited, you will choose to use the logistics management part of the supplier management inventory system (VMI) and enterprise resource planning management (ERP). · The implementation of logistics management software such as SCM, VMI and ERP in international logistics enterprises is less than one-tenth, of which the application of manufacturing enterprises is slightly better than that of circulation enterprises, and the proportion of logistics supply chain management software implemented in circulation enterprises is currently only About 3%. ’Tax Customs Clearance (3) Measures to Promote the Development of China ’s International Logistics

1. Increase logistics infrastructure

For China's logistics business to develop internationally, it is necessary to increase investment in the construction of logistics facilities, and at the same time, integrate existing logistics infrastructure to improve the level of logistics services. For example, the reasonable selection and layout of domestic and foreign logistics outlets, give full play to the role of existing logistics parks, distribution centers, and warehouses; in the construction of ports, there must be dedicated dock cargo stations, automated three-dimensional warehouses, etc .; constantly expanding container transportation and Continental Bridge transportation Scale, increase material flow, expand import and export trade volume and trade volume; improve transportation routes and avoid repatriation transportation; gradually realize packaging standardization, increase technical loading and reduce losses;

Mechanization of port loading and unloading operations reduces the backlog of goods on the shore; reasonable use of berths and docking time of ships, minimizes port miscellaneous fees, attracts more buyers and sellers to the port; improves marine loading, and avoids unsuitable empty spaces or cargo The customs clearance status of the tax package finally reached the overall goal of international logistics with low cost, good service, high reputation and high efficiency.

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