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What are the advantages of TNT International Express

Date: 2016-09-01
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With the improvement of information technology and management level, the competition of modern international logistics industry has shifted from low-end price competition to high-end logistics and information flow competition. Therefore, the market urgently needs a large number of modern logistics talents, especially senior international logistics management talents. At present, international logistics education is seriously lagging behind the development of the international logistics industry, resulting in a serious lack of modern international logistics talents. In addition to mastering modern logistics service concepts and supply chain management expertise, current international logistics talents should also be well versed in customs, inspection, insurance, transportation, international settlement, and e-commerce in order to adapt to logistics The need to operate globalization. Establish a logistics talent education and training system, comprehensively carry out logistics on-the-job education, establish a unified logistics occupation qualification certification system, and train logistics professionals and senior logistics management talents for the society. Logistics companies themselves should pay more attention to training talents in practice. TNT International Express, through exchanges and learning with large foreign logistics companies, cultivate their own management team, not only should pay attention to logistics technology, management knowledge training, but also to strengthen the computer , Network, international trade, communications, standardization and other knowledge to improve and supplement. It is also necessary to train talents who combine these expertise with China ’s international logistics practices to achieve technological and management innovation in the development of China ’s logistics industry. Only by working hard to adapt to the requirements of social development, optimizing the school's talent training structure, improving scientific research capabilities, and promoting its own development can we meet the needs of the increasingly severe job market and achieve a win-win situation for schools, governments, and enterprises. Only by strengthening the cultivation of China's international logistics talents, introducing international logistics concepts, management models, and competition mechanisms, and absorbing excellent logistics management talents can we remain invincible in the international logistics industry competition. TNT International Express

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