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International Air Transport Ranking

Date: 2016-09-02
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The role of international air transport trade

International trade plays an important role in the development of the countries participating in the trade and even the world economy, which is manifested in the following aspects. (1) Regulate the supply and demand of international markets International air transport Regulate the supply and demand of various national markets, and whether or not intercommunication is always an important function of international trade. Countries in the world are affected by factors such as production level, science and technology, and the distribution of production factors. There is a certain degree of difference in production capacity and market supply and demand. In both countries, there is both a shortage of products and a surplus of products in various forms. Through international trade, not only can the market supply of domestic products in short supply be increased to meet the needs of consumers, but it can also provide a new outlet for the surplus products in the domestic markets of various countries. Market supply and demand in various countries. Promote the optimal allocation of production factors and obtain the benefits of economies of scale In today's world, the distribution of production factors such as labor, capital, land, and technology in various countries is often uneven. Without international trade, the development of domestic production scale and social productivity in these countries will be constrained by their shortage of production factors. Some production factors will be idle or wasted, and their production potential will not be realized. Through international trade, these countries can adopt international labor trade, capital transfer, land lease, technology trade and other methods to exchange domestic surplus production factors with other countries for domestic shortage of production factors. On the one hand, they can alleviate or eliminate the shortage of production factors. Restrictions; on the other hand, it can make full use of surplus production factors, expand production scale, and obtain economies of scale. In short, the factors of production flow between countries in the world with the aid of the international trade in goods and services, so that the factors of production of various countries can be optimally allocated in a larger space, and international air transportation can obtain economies of scale.

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