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TNT international logistics import customs clearance transportation

Date: 2016-09-05
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International logistics is conducive to production and sales, according to the market and customer needs to organize materials, arrange production, to avoid blind production caused by inventory backlog, thereby accelerating capital turnover.

(3) The international circulation mode that combines foreign resources and markets with domestic production capacity during feed processing is also a form of international division of labor. By carrying out feed processing, the advantage of relatively low labor prices can be fully utilized, and the relatively surplus processing capacity can be effectively used to expand the employment opportunities of laborers.

3. The practice of import processing trade

  The practice of international logistics import processing trade is carried out in the following three stages.

(1) Import stage. Choose suitable imported commodities and trading partners to negotiate and sign contracts. Use limited foreign exchange to import raw materials that are in short supply in China or that do not have a significant increase in value at the same time. In addition, strict inspection and acceptance of imported goods, to grasp the quality and quantity of goods.

(2) Processing and production stage. The importer assigns the goods to the production enterprise, and the production enterprise completes the processing and production within the prescribed time in strict accordance with the prescribed quality, quantity and packaging.

(3) Export stage. It is the same as the general export trade, after consultation, contract signing, performance and other procedures, but we must pay attention to establish a certain sales channel in advance, so as to identify customers, so as not to 'temporarily hold the foot', processed products can not be sold.

7. Counter-trade

The international logistics counter-trade is to the United Nations International Trade Commission and other international organizations. The translated name adopted by ounter trade is also used by

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