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Matters needing attention in import logistics

Date: 2016-09-06
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A translated name widely accepted by imported logistics. The history of counter-trade is long, and it still has a certain position and status in modern society.


(1) Overview of counter-trade

Counter trade is a general term for a series of international trade methods in which both buying and selling, and buying and selling are mutually conditional, with exports as compensation or partial compensation as imports. Counter-trade is different from unilateral import and export, it is a combination of import and export. At present, there are five main forms of barter trade, mutual purchase trade, offset trade, compensation trade and transfer trade. With the strengthening of international economic cooperation and the development of economic globalization, new forms of counter-trade may appear in the future. Therefore, counter-trade is a developing concept. Import logistics The counter-trade is based on the import-export and supplement-entry trade methods. The two sides provide export opportunities for each other, with obvious reciprocity. In order to encourage counter-trade, some countries have signed intergovernmental payment agreements, intermediary transactions, and matchmaking to find markets for their slow-moving products. Sometimes in order to maintain trade balance, the government has also given preferential policies, and even issued mandatory

Measures to guide domestic enterprises to carry out counter-trade.

The two parties engaged in counter-trade trade signed a 'buy and sell' transaction, the amount is basically offset, the seller must help the buyer to solve the payment problem, in most cases the seller can not ask the buyer to pay in cash, but to balance the transaction in the form of return goods Although some counter-trade methods, such as cross-purchase, seem to be paid in cash, they are essentially based on the balance of goods and materials as the basis of the transaction.

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