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How can I obtain the frontier information of the cross-border French private line industry?

Date: 2017-04-01
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In addition to establishing and accepting the supervision of relevant departments in accordance with the law, the French private insurance company must operate strictly in accordance with the law. Legal operation is a concrete manifestation of insurance companies' observance of the principle of maximum integrity. (4) Explicit description means that the insurer should clearly explain to the insured about its liability exemption. If it is not clearly stated, the clause will not be effective. 2. Proximate cause The proximate cause, the main cause of loss, is the criterion for determining the most direct causal relationship between a cause and loss. The French special line is an important principle to determine whether the insurer bears the insurance liability for the loss of the insurance subject and what kind of insurance liability it bears. Proximate causes in insurance refer to the most important, effective, and most influential causes of losses. Proximity does not necessarily refer to the closest cause of loss in time or space. Therefore, the proximate causality principle means that the insurer is only liable for damages that have a direct causal relationship between the underwriting risk and the loss of the insurance subject, while it is not liable for damages that are not caused by the policy underwriting risk. It is of great significance for determining responsibility, fulfilling obligations and reducing disputes in insurance claims. . For example, the packaged food is soaked in seawater during transportation, and after the outer packaging is damp, the food has suffered moldy loss.

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