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1. Advanced warehouse management;

2. Fast delivery speed;

3. All-weather customer service;

4. Support multi-channel distribution to meet cross-platform distribution needs;

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1. Confirmation of company information. In order to protect your interests and safety, before you hand over the goods to our company, you can come to our company for a field inspection.

2. Contract guarantee. When both parties agree to cooperate, they can sign a cargo logistics agency contract, which clarifies the terms negotiated by both parties in advance, and the two parties sign and seal.

3. If the goods are damaged or lost, we will assist customers to apply for claims from UPS

1. Advanced warehouse management;

2. Fast delivery speed;

3. All-weather customer service;

4. Support multi-channel distribution to meet cross-platform distribution needs;

Matters needing attention of Amazon seller FBA operation process:

What can be done:

1. Check whether each product is consistent with the shipping quantity filled in online.

2. Use a laser printer to print a suitable label, and the paper size should be appropriate (item: 1 'x25 / 8; packaging: 3-1 / 3' x4 '), confirm that the label will not be unclear or dirty.

3. Make a label according to the PDF file provided by Amazon, and stick each product with a label.

4. Make sure that the name and attributes of the item match the attached label.

5. Stick the container label under the carrier's label.

6. Choose a shipping company that can provide a tracking number so that Amazon can track the goods. Use the Ship and Track buttons to enter the tracking number.

What Can't do:

Unless you have received a Sticekerless commingled inventory in your account, do n’t forget to label.

1. Do not use inkjet printers to print products or packaging labels.

2. Do not stick the packaging label to the interface that may be damaged, which will affect the scanning.

3. Do not allow the package to be transported to weigh more than 50 lbs. Otherwise, a prompt label shall be attached.

4. Don't transport the items of different waybills together, the amount of transportation must be the same as the filling.

5. The number of shipments should not be greater than the number reported online.

6. Do not still keep the invoice of the previous shipment on the shipping box, which is easy to confuse. FBA import, export, and import sellers can ship a large amount of goods to Amazon, but they need to declare their own customs. It will not be the consignee of imported goods or the final address for shipping from other countries. The seller must arrange the shipment himself. When the seller's goods arrive, as long as Amazon believes that the products shipped are eligible for delivery, the seller can ship the goods to other countries through Amazon. This allows the product to reach the consignee via overseas shipping. But there are special cases:

1. Amazon will limit the total amount of a single business. It will not fill in the shipper's export declaration list and is not responsible for the declaration list.

2. Even if the buyer requests, the goods shipped overseas will not be returned.

3. If there is a problem with the overseas delivery address of the item, Amazon will not deliver it.

4. Amazon will not calculate or display taxes, taxes, and assessments for sellers who will ship overseas.



Non-dangerous goods declaration

To: Shenzhen XingYi International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Reference number or waybill number

Pieces/Gross Weight:

Goods name (Chinese and English): If there are more goods, you can provide us with a list of goods

Goods name (Chinese and English):

Chemical properties:

Physical properties:

The main purpose:

We hereby declare that the above-mentioned goods entrusted to you company  by our company are: general goods, non-explosives, non-compressed gases and liquefied gases, non-flammable liquids, non-flammable solids, spontaneously combustible and wet combustibles, non-oxidants And organic peroxides, non-toxic and infectious materials, non-corrosive products, non-radioactive materials, etc,It is not a dangerous goods cargo as specified in the 《International Air Dangerous Goods Regulations》 (IATA) .It is a non-dangerous goods in air transportation and is suitable for air transportation.

Our company guarantees that the goods are properly packed, and the packaging is sturdy and intact.If our company or our agent's statement is incorrect or does not comply with the above requirements, our company guarantees your company, your agent, employees and insurer /your company entrust the carrier,the agent,the employee, and insurer, our company shall be liable for the damages and legal liabilities for the damage suffered by the transportation of the above goods and all the costs incurred therefrom.

Our company once again promises to your company that our company has absolutely no false reports, and promises: if there are false reports, all consequences will be borne by our company, and our will bear responsibility for your company, your agent, employees and insurance personnel / your entrusted carrier , Agents, employees and insurance personnel due to all the damage suffered by the above goods and the corresponding incidental expenses, and bear their legal responsibility for the transportation of goods. 


  Representative's signature:


  Official seal/signature :


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